demands that Michael Schumacher’s world championship be revoked.

demands that Michael Schumacher’s world championship be revoked.

With Benetton, Schumacher won his first two championships in 1994 and 1995.
To commemorate his first World Championship victory, Schumacher placed first or second in each Grand Prix he crossed the finish line in.

Following those four years without a championship, including the 1997 season in which he was disqualified, the legendary German returned to title-winning form in spectacular fashion, winning five straight Drivers’ Championship trophies as he cemented his dominance in the sport.

Benoit was questioned about Schumacher’s place among the greatest F1 drivers ever during an interview with Blick. He replied, “He definitely belongs in the top 5 as a six-time world champion.

Benoit responded, “Of course, I know that he was world champion seven times,” when asked why he said “six-time world champion” rather than seven. But since he only won it because of his foul on Damon Hill, the 1994 championship ought to be stripped from him.

Benoit’s response alludes to the Australian Adelaide Street Circuit’s 1994 season finale.
Hill, driving for Williams, was attempting to overtake Schumacher at the last possible moment as the German entered the race with a one-point championship lead.

Up until lap 36, when he slammed into the wall on his own, Schumacher was in the lead.
His right side of the car was damaged.
The Brit tried to take the lead, but he turned in on Hill, knowing he wouldn’t hold onto it.

The German driver was immediately eliminated from contention due to the damage from the collision, and although Hill initially kept going, his damage forced him to retire as well.
Schumacher maintained his World Championship despite both drivers failing to earn any points.

Hamilton would be the only driver at the top of the list if Benoit’s theories came true because the 1994 World Championship is still regarded as one of the most contentious in the history of the sport.

With more pole positions, podium finishes, and race victories than any other driver, Hamilton is already Britain’s best-ever driver.
However, with the pair tied for seven World Championships, the coveted eighth title is the only achievement preventing Hamilton from being regarded as the undisputed greatest driver of all time.


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