Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s F1 teammates are at odds, and Jenson Button takes a side.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s F1 teammates are at odds, and Jenson Button takes a side.

At the Italian Grand Prix, Verstappen fired back at Hamilton after the British driver claimed that over the years, his F1 teammates have given him more of a challenge.

Even though Jenson Button had already faced Lewis Hamilton, he claimed he would be “more afraid” of being Max Verstappen’s teammate.

In the three seasons from 2010 to 2012, the McLaren teammate of the 2009 Formula 1 world champion drove alongside Hamilton.
One of the few title winners Hamilton has directly faced during his F1 career is Button.

That is one of the reasons the seven-time world champion asserted that Verstappen has it easy at Red Bull in comparison.
The Mercedes driver said, “In my opinion, all my team members have been stronger than the team members Max has had.”.

“Jenson, Nico [Rosberg], George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, and Fernando [Alonso].
I’ve had numerous. These guys have all been incredibly strong and reliable, and Max hasn’t competed against anyone like that.

Verstappen responded sharply to that assertion, saying: “Maybe he’s a little envious of my current success.
such a claim.
He might believe that by doing that, but to me it makes no difference.
After all these years of consistently winning, I believe Mercedes has a very difficult time accepting defeat.

When Hamilton named his former Formula One teammates, Button, who was also mentioned, agreed with him, telling Sky Sports that Hamilton has faced more challenging opponents.
Nevertheless, he added a qualification by saying that, given the option, he would prefer to team up with the British driver once more as opposed to going head-to-head with Verstappen.

He mentioned our names, so what can I say?
He obviously wanted us to support him, Button exclaimed.
“I believe Lewis has had some very challenging teammates.
In contrast to Max, he has worked with world champions.

But I think I would be more afraid of Max in the same car.
I believe it is because Adrian Newey gave him a car to drive or because the car was made to fit his style.
The fastest car in the world, according to Adrian Newey, I believe he gives him.
It will go slower but be simpler to drive if you remove the front downforce.

Max says, “I have to drive this car the way you made it, and I have to drive it as quickly as I can.
Many drivers find it challenging to compete with him because, in my opinion, he is very good at that.
Although it is lengthy, the answer is challenging.

“I believe Lewis has faced more challenging teammates, but Max is also someone I would not want to face.
They are all incredible drivers, some of the best we’ve ever seen in Formula 1.
They are among the best in the world.

“I wish there was more competition at the front between Max, Lewis, and Fernando – those three are the ones that stand out for me – but that’s not the way in Formula 1,” the commentator said.
Red Bull deserves credit for currently outperforming the competition in the technology space.


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