Lewis Hamilton is asked to give up the 2008 F1 championship by Felipe Massa’s attorneys.

Lewis Hamilton is asked to give up the 2008 F1 championship by Felipe Massa’s attorneys.

For the sake of sporting integrity, Felipe Massa’s legal team is hoping Lewis Hamilton will support his claim that he is the 2008 Formula One world champion.

One of the Brazilian’s attorneys, Bernardo Viana, has disclosed that Massa’s team has agreed to give Formula One and the FIA, the organization that governs motorsports, until the middle of October to respond to a Letter Before Claim that was sent to them in August.

Viana, a partner at the law firm Vieira Rezende Advogados, told Reuters that “the ball is in their court” and that the firm has been waiting for their response.
“They requested an extension until mid-October, and we in good faith gave them that request.

Former Ferrari driver Massa, now 42, filed a lawsuit over an alleged “conspiracy” that he claims prevented him from winning the championship, and he has vowed to “fight to the end” to achieve his goal of being crowned world champion.

In a season that gained notoriety after Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr., Britain’s seven-time world champion Hamilton won that title, his first, by a single point. revealed in 2009 that he had been instructed by team managers to crash on purpose at the Singapore Grand Prix.

At the time of fellow Brazilian Piquet’s Renault’s collision with the wall on lap 14 of the race in Singapore, Massa, who retired in 2017, was in the lead.
Due to a botched pit stop, Massa was unable to score, which hurt his teammate Fernando Alonso, who went on to win as a result of the crash. Hamilton earned six championship points by coming in third.

Following allegations that the sport’s authorities were aware of what had occurred before the end of the season but chose to conceal it, Massa now asserts that the race should have been called off.

His attorneys are requesting Hamilton, who was competing for McLaren at the time, to testify in his favor.

“He is a vital representative for the game and has consistently stood up for fair play in competition. I hope he will support us because he is an honorary citizen of Brazil and well-liked by Brazilians,” Viana said.

We have nothing at all against Hamilton.

The British driver, who is currently driving for Mercedes, has claimed he wasn’t thinking about something that occurred 15 years ago.

After former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone claimed in March that he and former FIA president Max Mosley knew in 2008 that Piquet intentionally crashed, Massa sought legal counsel. FIA race director Charlie Whiting, another important individual, passed away in 2019.
Mosley, who was closely associated with Ecclestone, died in 2021.

Despite this, according to Viana, Massa’s legal team is confident that they have a solid argument and sufficient proof to win the Brazilian the championship.
According to Viana, who added that the case involves “several jurisdictions,” in addition to Britain, they are prepared to fight for as long as it takes.

One of Massa’s advisers is sports law attorney Nick de Marco, who told Reuters in a written statement that Massa’s case “raises a number of very important and interesting legal issues as well as fundamental matters of sporting integrity.

“I am sure it will be of great interest not only to all motorsports fans, but to anyone with an interest in the fairness of sports competitions,” he continued.


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