Should the Browns consider trading for a former All-Pro left tackle?

Should the Browns consider trading for a former All-Pro left tackle?

Browns may need to consider their options at the NFL trade deadline if Jedrick Wills’ struggles persist.

One of the top offensive lines in football over the past few years has consistently been the Cleveland Browns’ claim to fame.
Jedrick Wills, a first-round pick in 2020 who has struggled mightily as the team’s starting left tackle this season, has shown a chink in the armor.

Wills seems to give his followers a lowlight reel to analyze on social media each week. Wills has a season grade of 45 points according to PFF, and through the first four weeks of the season, he had the 59th-best pass-blocking efficiency rating.

The general manager of the Browns stated that “Wills is an important player for the franchise moving forward” during his yearly bye week press conference, but even for Berry, it must be getting harder to brush off Wills’ struggles with a robotic press conference response.

The Browns’ season has a lot on the line, giving the team’s executives a lot to think about as the October 31 trade deadline draws near. Berry may have a clear choice if he chooses to deal with his team’s left tackle issue.

After losing to the Jets without Aaron Rodgers, the Denver Broncos season has continued to derail, and in three weeks, the team may decide to hold a fire sale.
If they do, starting left tackle Garett Bolles may be put up for sale.

Bolles might benefit from a change of scenery considering that he was criticizing the Broncos’ propensity for defeat since he was selected in the first round of the 2017 draft only a week earlier. Cleveland would be the ideal place for Bolles to join a team that is focused on winning right away, and the Browns could strengthen an area of concern along their offensive line.

Bolles was ranked 12th in pass blocking and 42nd as a run blocker by PFF before this past weekend’s defeat to the Jets.

It’s unclear what it would take to get Bolles, but Berry shouldn’t hurt to ask if the 31-year-old is available.


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