Felipe Massa is suing Lewis Hamilton for the F1 championship, and Bernie Ecclestone has chosen a side.

Felipe Massa is suing Lewis Hamilton for the F1 championship, and Bernie Ecclestone has chosen a side.

After new allegations from Bernie Ecclestone regarding the Singapore Grand Prix that year, Felipe Massa filed a lawsuit regarding the 2008 F1 World Championship, which was Lewis Hamilton’s first championship win.

As Lewis Hamilton faces the possibility of giving up one of his world championships, former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has lent his support to the Englishman.

Despite the fact that Hamilton has won seven times overall, his first victory, from 2008, is now in doubt.
After passing Timo Glock on the last lap of the season’s final race, the then-McLaren driver defeated Ferrari’s Felipe Massa to the championship by just one point.

However, his championship victory has caused controversy because of a race that was held in Singapore earlier in the season.
That race was won by Fernando Alonso, with Hamilton finishing third because Massa was unable to score due to a botched pit stop early on.

The title fight would later turn on Massa’s inability to score at Marina Bay.
Later, however, it became clear that Alonso’s victory was actually the result of Nelson Piquet Jr.’s purposeful crash, which brought out the safety car.

Massa left his stop while still connected to the fuel pump, destroying his chances of winning, as the race’s front-runners dove headfirst into the pits.
The Renault team received a suspended disqualification from Formula One following an FIA investigation.

Team owner Flavio Briatore and chief engineer Pat Symonds, who had given Piquet Jr. the order to crash, received suspensions from the sport, which were later overturned on appeal.

The claims of a purposeful collision were made too late for Massa to use the FIA to overturn Hamilton’s championship victory.
Ecclestone, however, recently alleged that Crashgate had “cheated” Massa out of the world championship.

Massa responded by saying he was going to sue the FIA.
Ecclestone, who has instead targeted the Brazilian, will not support the former Ferrari driver, who never again came close to winning the championship.

The Massa clan only cares about money, he said, according to Blick.
The likelihood of that occurring, however, is nil.
After the shoddy 2021 championship race in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton and Mercedes may have sued the FIA.

Massa has reaffirmed that he believes his legal action is justified and has insisted that he was robbed.
The Brazilian has argued that his case is solid as he seeks judicial resolution of the conflict.

The admission from Ecclestone “made me lift the antenna and go after justice,” he said.
“I’m not a lawyer, but as everyone is aware, I was clearly wronged, and I believe that seeking justice is an important part of the battle to make things right.

“That run was taken. It was manipulation, which is a very serious offense. There was no malfunctioning engine.
Additionally, there was a broken engine, but that was expected in the game.
Due to his desire to support his teammate, who was running last, in winning the race, they forced Nelsinho Piquet to crash. They completely manipulated the situation to get the desired outcome.


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