Darius Slay’s revenge game against Justin Jefferson is brutally ruined by an NFL rule.

Darius Slay’s revenge game against Justin Jefferson is brutally ruined by an NFL rule.

Wide receiver Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings called for “tension” in his matchup with Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay, but he blew his opportunity to exact revenge after being shut down the previous season.

The Minnesota Vikings may have lost the game as a result of Justin Jefferson’s one error in Thursday’s 34-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. It also took away from a strong receiving stat line against cornerback Darius Slay, whom he had vowed to exact revenge on after a tense struggle the previous year.

Jefferson fumbled the ball out of the end zone near the end of the first half while attempting to extend his arm over the goal line.
According to NFL regulations, a play like this results in a change of possession and a touchback for the opposing team.
Given the severity of the penalty, it is a contentious rule. Minnesota went from being on the verge of scoring to having no possession of the ball at all, and Vikings supporters were outraged on social media.

As the halftime buzzer sounded, the Eagles drove down the field for a 61-yard field goal by Jake Elliott before pulling away early in the third quarter to take a 27-7 lead Minnesota couldn’t overcome.

Jefferson’s performance at Lincoln Financial Field was defined by his fumble, despite the fact that he finished with 11 catches for 159 yards, which helped to somewhat salvage his performance. He was aware of it.
Following that, the LSU graduate was seen on TV cameras tapping his chest and telling teammates that he had made a huge mistake.
A rule, which many consider to be among the worst in the NFL, however, left many on social media angry.

Naturally, Slay was happy to have prevailed despite Jefferson’s improved stats. He had nothing to do with the fumble through the end zone, and if Minnesota had pulled off an unlikely comeback, he would have received some social media shaming.

Before the game, Jefferson said of the matchup with Slay, “It’s always going to be a great battle with the top corners in the league.
“I always look forward to those kinds of matchups.
However, we do have a few issues with them that we must address.
Last year, we didn’t get the plays we wanted and we lost.
There is unquestionably some tension as the game begins.

Slay is a renowned trash-talker in the NFL, and he told Jefferson about his lackluster performance the previous season.
After keeping Jefferson quiet during their previous encounter, the defensive star told Jefferson, “I know what you’re going to do.”.

Slay referred to Jefferson’s 2022 performance by saying, “When you’re a young and talented guy, man, you think everything works.”.
Since I’ve been playing this game for so long, I know what you’re going to do.
I am familiar with your preferences and tendencies.
He told me many stories that I could capture on camera.
Since I enjoy watching movies a lot, I can see what young guys can’t.
Every story I told was true.

I was able to confirm that he does that after my first pass breakup.
Anybody’s night is going to be long at that hour.
It doesn’t matter what kind of talent you have or how much better you think you are than me; I still understand what you do.
What I saw on television and how I observed his release. I wrote the plays I did for that reason.

Thursday night, Jefferson occasionally misled Slay. The current NFL receiving champion is rarely kept in check for very long.
However, his fleeting lapse in concentration close to the goal line against Philadelphia led to yet another loss for the Vikings, and his group will head into Week 3 winless.


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