After Friday’s disappointing Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull was accused of “playing games.”.

After Friday’s disappointing Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull was accused of “playing games.”.

Danica Patrick does not place too much significance on Red Bull’s appearance on Friday before the Singapore Grand Prix.

While Ferrari won the first practice session, Max Verstappen was not far behind, trailing Charles Leclerc by only 0.126s.

Though Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez were this time seven tenths off the pace, FP2 was a much more concerning session for Red Bull.
Perez claimed over team radio that he feared crashing in every braking zone due to instability in the RB19’s rear end.

The Red Bull “games” are alluded to by Danica Patrick.

Red Bull has won all 14 grand prix races so far in F1 2023, so only the very brave would rule them out in qualifying on Saturday.
Nonetheless, the team’s deficit to Ferrari is worrisome.

Patrick thinks we shouldn’t extrapolate too much from Red Bull’s Friday struggles, though.

The former IndyCar and NASCAR driver told Sky F1, “I’m not always buying every time that a team has a bad day, or even a session.”.
“Because sometimes it just abruptly swings the other way.

Undoubtedly, games are being played, but occasionally you just miss them.
So, no real point in counting them out.

“But they did come in saying it would probably be a little more of a struggle, and so far that’s been true…it’s only Friday,” the speaker said.

By the time FP2 was over, Sainz was in first place and Perez was in seventh, with less than seven tenths separating them.
The top seven cars were Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Red Bull, and McLaren.

Former Aston Martin strategy chief Bernie Collins believes the Marina Bay Street Circuit, a venue which demands great driver confidence, will continue to create a mixed-up top 10 as the race weekend progresses.

“All year, Red Bull has been up front, but behind that it’s been very difficult to tell the order, and I think that is the case here,” she said.

“And it is a drivers track almost, we spoke so much about the confidence, so I think you will get a very potentially mixed up grid or you’ll get more than just the standard order in that top 10.

Red Bull potentially then face the biggest threat yet during this record-breaking F1 winning streak, the Austrian outfit currently on 15 in a row, while Verstappen is chasing an 11th victory on the trot this weekend in Singapore.


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