Lewis Hamilton is advised to think about leaving Mercedes because an F1 rival would be a “perfect fit” for him.

Lewis Hamilton is advised to think about leaving Mercedes because an F1 rival would be a “perfect fit” for him.

Hamilton recently extended his contract for another two years, but former Sky Sports F1 analyst Johnny Herbert wishes the seven-time world champion had made a different decision.

Lewis Hamilton should have left Mercedes and chosen to pursue his Ferrari dream, in Johnny Herbert’s opinion.

Last month, the Silver Arrows and the seven-time world champion signed a new contract.
By doing this, he will remain with the team through at least the 2025 season, when he will be a few weeks away from turning 41.

Whether Hamilton’s current Formula 1 contract will be his last is an open question.
The likelihood that he will ever join Ferrari, a potential move he described as a “dream” two years ago, is unquestionably reduced by this.

According to some reports, the Scuderia was reportedly interested this season because of the prolonged contract dispute.
But ultimately, he decided to continue to support the Mercedes team, which he refers to as his “family.”.

Former Sky Sports analyst Herbert is aware of Hamilton’s decision. But a part of him wishes the British man had taken a chance and signed a contract with Ferrari.

The 59-year-old said: “He might be aware of what could happen with Mercedes in the future and has decided that’s where his future is.
However, I would have preferred to see him finish his career in a Ferrari.

“I genuinely believe he was the right character and the ideal fit for them.
For him, the best mental state is one where he is content with where he is.
Lewis resigned because he believes in his current position, which is necessary for success.

The last 18 months have seen improvements from Mercedes, but Herbert isn’t yet convinced that the Silver Arrows will give Hamilton the car he needs for the upcoming two seasons.
“I don’t see Lewis getting an eighth title, based on the last couple of years,” he continued.

“The car has improved since they departed from the original concept, but they can only be as good as the distance between themselves and Red Bull.
They don’t have a competitive advantage.
I don’t know if they can make a change. Those encouraging indications haven’t caught my attention.
Despite not moving very far, they have made progress.
The vehicle failed to win the race.


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