The’mystery’ Singapore drop won’t happen once more, says Marko.

The’mystery’ Singapore drop won’t happen once more, says Marko.

Red Bull will likely be at their best this weekend in Suzuka, according to Dr. Helmut Marko.

An unexpected downturn for the top Formula 1 team in Singapore ended Max Verstappen’s impressive run of ten straight victories.

Interesting enough, Red Bull denied the claim that this decline was caused by the FIA’s new restrictions on flexible parts, as did even its direct rivals.

Team manager Christian Horner said, “I know you’d all like to put the blame on that, but unfortunately we can’t.
“We didn’t make a single modification to the car from Monza.

“We were aware that Singapore would be closer before the weekend, but what actually occurred caught us off guard.

Toto Wolff, a peer of Horner’s, pointed out that Singapore had previously presented problems during Mercedes’ periods of dominance.

The Austrian remarked, “We know what it’s like to come to Singapore with a dominant car and then not perform.

Wolff emphasized, “I’m sure it wasn’t the technical directives.”.
Nothing was altered, she said.

The most popular counterargument contends that Red Bull was simply unprepared for the smoothness of the new track surface and the elimination of several turns from the earlier layout.

Marko from Red Bull told Bild newspaper, “We think we know roughly why we had these problems.

After this performance, he continued, “I have complete faith that this qualifying mystery won’t materialize in Suzuka.”.

He continued by saying that “Max would have won the race” if the safety car hadn’t been deployed at the wrong time.

As I said, we are understanding the issue, so we are looking forward to Suzuka, Marko told the Kronen Zeitung.

Because of this, we have every confidence that we can recover there.
The track there is good for our car, but what gives me the biggest boost is the fact that we noticed that our speed has already returned.


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