Fireworks between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are anticipated as an F1 scenario.

Fireworks between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are anticipated as an F1 scenario.

The two best Formula One drivers right now are arguably Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, though the latter’s Red Bull car has once again dominated.

Insisting that Lewis Hamilton is still “unbelievably good,” Johnny Herbert has ruled out the possibility of Max Verstappen and him joining forces in the future.

The 38-year-old Hamilton has just finalized a new two-year contract with Mercedes that will keep him with the Formula One team through the end of the 2025 season.
After signing a long-term contract with Red Bull in 2022, Verstappen, 25, will stay there for at least another five years.

Hamilton would therefore need to make the leap and sign with Red Bull for him and Verstappen to work together.
Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, has previously expressed interest in signing Hamilton and claims that previous conversations have taken place.

Nevertheless, Herbert, who was Michael Schumacher’s teammate at Benetton when the German won the world championship in 1995, thinks it’s challenging for two of the best drivers to work together.
According to him, championship-winning teams require a clear No. one driver.

Herbert told Grosvenor Casino, “I know from experience that in F1 there is always a cross-over period when the torch is handed on to the next and Max is the next.”.
Lewis is still incredibly talented and is still more than capable of defeating Max.

“But you have to be in the right place, and that team has to be your team,” she continued. And that is the circumstance with Max and Sergio (Perez) at Red Bull.
The same thing applied to Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Mika Hakkinen, and David Coulthard as well as Michael and I.

Verstappen has won 12 races this year and is almost certain to win a third straight world championship, while Perez, another member of his team, has only claimed two victories.
If Perez were in the driver’s seat, Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, would probably put up a stronger fight.

Given that his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg won the Drivers’ Championship in 2016, Hamilton is well aware of what it’s like to compete against his teammate for the championship.
Along with his McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso, the British favorite also sought the 2007 championship; however, Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari defeated both of them in the Ferrari.

One driver is always given a slight advantage, Hebert continued. And you get the best performance out of them when they are treated well. History has demonstrated that to us.
Having two elite players on the same team is extremely uncommon.
For example, managing (Alain) Prost and (Ayrton) Senna was difficult because they were both in a dominant position.

Let us know in the comments below if you think Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen could ever be teammates.

“I recall Gerhard Berger saying he never would have faced Michael as I did.
because he was aware of Flavio Briatore’s extensive service to Michael as the team’s leader.

Red Bull and Hamilton have spoken about a move, Horner acknowledged, but no such talks have taken place recently.
In spite of Herbert’s belief that Hamilton could encourage Verstappen to improve as a driver if he joins Red Bull, he does not see it happening.

“What if Lewis were here?
Would you like it?” Christian might ask Max in a chance conversation, Herbert continued.
Christian would not have been able to be more specific and say that Red Bull was considering contacting Lewis in this circumstance.

“And I believe Max would have said. “Bring it on.”.
He would have been inspired to work harder as a result. He has the added bonus that the team is all about him, which adds to his sense of self-awareness and confidence.


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