RUMOR: The sudden resignation of Bears DC Alan Williams has gotten murkier.

RUMOR: The sudden resignation of Bears DC Alan Williams has gotten murkier.

In the midst of widespread rumors that he would soon be charged with a crime, former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Alan Williams announced his resignation earlier this week.
According to Adam Schefer of ESPN, the decision to resign from his position apparently resulted from “inappropriate behavior” that caught the attention of Bears HR rather than any criminal activity.

Alan Williams left his position as defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears last week, according to sources who spoke to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
Despite sources telling Schefter that Williams was not involved in any criminal activity, the Bears’ human resources division was involved in the events that led to his abrupt resignation on Wednesday.

Rumors were rife early last week that Williams, who hasn’t been with the team since shortly after Chicago’s season-opening defeat to the Green Bay Packers, was the target of FBI raids at Bears facilities and his home.
While ESPN’s reporting claims a “digital forensic search”—a component of the franchise’s standard operating procedure in these matters—was carried out by unspecified investigators, team officials swiftly denied Halas Hall was ever subject to a law enforcement raid.

Williams announced his resignation on Wednesday, stating that he was “taking a step back to take care of my health and family.”.
Williams’ lawyer, Brandon Stroth, claimed on Wednesday’s “Parkins and Spiegel Show” that rumors linking Williams to a crime were “false.

Absolutely no criminal activity exists, according to Stroth.
“There are no charges pending.
No raid has been conducted on Halas Hall.
No legal action is being taken against coach Williams; he has decided to step aside out of respect for the Chicago Bears. None of that is true; it is categorically untrue.

In Week 3, the 0-2 Chicago Bears will travel to Kansas City, the defending Super Bowl champion. Williams is no longer the Bears’ defensive coordinator, and Matt Eberflus will be in charge of calling the defense’s plays for the second straight game.


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