Details: Reading Situation To Go From Bad To Worse

Details: Reading Situation To Go From Bad To Worse

Observing the situation deteriorate.

Following the revelation that first team players are not likely to receive their full wages this month, journalist Darren Witcoop speculates that Reading may be subject to additional sanctions from the EFL.

The League One team is having a difficult time this year and has already had four points taken away from them since the start of the campaign.
This comes after the additional 12 points they have had assessed against them over the past couple of years, and fans have continued to criticize team owner Dai Yongge.

The Royals were demoted from the Championship last season, and they have been assessed a number of penalties in recent months, including one against Yongge personally for failing to deposit the necessary sum into the club’s account to cover wages.
The EFL said these things in a statement last week.

“Mr. Yongge Dai, owner of Reading FC, has been charged with misconduct after he disobeyed the order of an independent Disciplinary Commission, which required him to deposit a sum equal to 125 percent of the Club’s anticipated monthly wage bill in a designated account by 12 September.

The repeated failures to meet the Club’s funding requirements, which only have a negative effect on the Club and its larger stakeholders, are, in the League’s opinion, the reason for these additional proceedings against him personally.

“In accordance with EFL Regulations, an independent Disciplinary Commission will now review this matter.

Despite mounting fan pressure and US interest, it is thought that the Chinese businessman still has no plans to sell the team.

RDG said this earlier.
The first team players and staff have been informed that they will not receive their full wages on time, while the under-21s will not receive any money at all, according to Today, which also noted that Yongge had once again failed to pay a HMRC bill.
Witcoop added this information.
If true, the journalist went on to say that there might be more point reductions in the future.

it’s a sad state of affairs.
Additionally, it sounds like Reading’s first-team players and staff have been informed that it’s unlikely they will receive their full pay on time and that the Under-21s won’t get anything else until additional funding is secured.
Another point deduction if that’s the case. EFL must take action.

September 25, 2023, Darren Witcoop (@DarrenOWitcoop).

On the field, manager Ruben Selles is making the most of the circumstances at hand, but on Saturday, Blackpool defeated him 4-1.
The outcome places the team in 22nd place overall, though they could have advanced as high as 17th if not for this season’s sanctions.

Author’s Opinion.

Witcoop is correct that the EFL needs to intervene and take action right away. Reading could drop to League Two if they continue down this path, or worse yet, become extinct like Macclesfield and Bury, which would be unprecedented.

This is not fair to the fans, and it doesn’t seem like anyone has learned from earlier mistakes.
To stop this from occurring again in the future, regulations must be implemented right away. There are far too many instances like this one right now, and Scunthorpe United is another one that is in trouble.


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