Charlie’s caddie, Tiger Woods, says, “He puts me in my place.”.

Charlie’s caddie, Tiger Woods, says, “He puts me in my place.”.

Tiger Woods accompanied his son Charlie, 14, in a golf tournament as one of his first public appearances following surgery to treat his arthritis in April.

With his father on the bag, Charlie won the second round of the Last Chance Regional this past weekend, securing a spot in the Notah Begay III National Championship in November.

But when Charlie spoke after his stellar round, he was keeping any success-related secrets to himself.

He said of playing the course with his father, “We just stay in our own little world.”.
“We take each shot individually.”. .

He makes me feel small. He will say, “No,” whenever I bring up the upcoming tee shot.
We’ll concentrate on this photograph.
Pay attention.
We’re going to do this.

The Koasati Pines course at the Coushatta Casino Resort in Louisiana will host the Notah Begay III National Championship from November 4–6.

Shane Croft, whose son Chase was paired with Charlie and later Tiger, was thrilled by the experience.

“Ok, EPIC would in no way be a big enough word to describe today,” he wrote on Instagram.
At the Notah Begay competition at Mission Inn, Chase was paired with Tiger Woods’ son Charlie.

I was the boys’ caddie, and Tiger was too. There are simply no words to describe how this felt.
It was just unreal spending four hours exclusively with Charlie and Tiger.
Can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Ryan Burr for planning this entire day. .

“His tournament is run with such professionalism.”.
Junior golf at its highest level.
In any case, my family will recount this incident when I’m on my deathbed.
And there is no doubt that it will be a proud moment.

The 47-year-old Woods hasn’t competed since this year’s Masters in Augusta, where he withdrew from the competition after stumbling around the course during a soggy round and aggravating his plantar fasciitis.

Ten days later, he underwent surgery in New York; at that point, there was no indication of when he might be able to resume playing golf.


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