In response to the Oregon coach’s contentious locker room speech, Deion Sanders strikes back.

In response to the Oregon coach’s contentious locker room speech, Deion Sanders strikes back.

Dan Lanning and his team weren’t surprised at all by Oregon’s crushing defeat of the Colorado Buffaloes because they were pumped up before the game.

Dan Lanning, the head coach of Oregon, said something that Deion Sanders won’t soon forget.
Before their lopsided 42-6 victory over the Colorado Buffaloes, Lanning addressed his team in the locker room prior to the game.

It is grounded in substance rather than flash.
It’s grounded in reality,” Lanning said.
We are using our pads to fight today.
Man, the Cinderella story is over.
While they compete for clicks, we compete for victories.
There’s a distinction.
Not in Hollywood, but on the grass, is where this game will be played.

Evan Williams of Oregon explained the significance of Lanning’s pre-game remarks. He said, “He knows how to hype us up.
He excels at what he does.

We are aware that he has our backs every time we enter the field, and he has ours.
You need to be prepared for major moments whenever someone like that becomes enthused about you guys.

“That speech fired us all up.
I believe that we were all prepared for the situation. Not so much because of his speech, but rather because of our preparation and effort.
Although he didn’t really need to speak, he got us moving. He helped us refocus.

But Lanning’s remarks have also angered Sanders, who was not at all pleased with his team’s performance, which caused their record to slip to 3-1 in 2023.

Despite what some people may say, Sanders told reporters, “I don’t say something just to say stuff for a click.”.
“Yes, I save my receipts.

After last weekend’s loss, Colorado was eliminated from the AP Top 25, while Oregon rose to ninth place.
When they take on USC in September, the Buffaloes may suffer consecutive losses. 30.
Shedeur Sanders will play 2022 Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams in that contest.

Despite still being unbeaten, USC fell out of the AP Top 25 just like the Buffaloes.
After defeating Arizona State 42–28, USC dropped from fifth to eighth.
With over 300 yards and three touchdown passes, Williams was once again USC’s star player.

Travis Hunter, a two-way superstar for Colorado who is still recovering from a lacerated liver, is anticipated to miss the game as well. Coach Sanders noted that Hunter’s absence against Oregon, with Colorado now ranked No. 1, was “always missed,” adding that Travis “is always missed.”. 28.
He is by far the best player in college football.
You could compare it to writing an article while your pen is missing.


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