Verstappen’s car, according to Perez, was built by Red Bull.

Verstappen’s car, according to Perez, was built by Red Bull.

Antonio Perez Garibay, the father of Sergio Perez, asserts that the Red Bull RB19 is designed to favor Max Verstappen’s driving style rather than that of his son.

Verstappen has consistently outrun Perez throughout the entire season, with the Dutchman frequently appearing to be in a completely different vehicle than his teammate.

Red Bull officials have refuted this claim, but it hasn’t stopped Perez’s father from maintaining that his son had to change his driving style to fit Verstappen’s because the car was set up to benefit the two-time world champion.

The 64-year-old insisted Red Bull had set the car up to favor Verstappen in an interview with Mexican publication ESTO.

He declared, “Checo keeps fighting with the car in a way we haven’t seen.

Max is waiting in the car.
While Checo has driven his entire life with the grip in the back, Max drives with all of his grip in the front.

Checo must now learn to operate a vehicle, whereas Max is unable to.

Everything was designed with Max in mind.

The 33-year-old’s assistance in helping Red Bull win the constructors’ championship for both this season and the previous one, Perez Sr. continued, was a key factor in Mexico having a world champion in Formula One one day.

Checo Perez is currently in second place in the drivers’ championship, which is the position for which he was hired, the speaker continued.

“A champion can only exist in one place. Checo has to put in work and earn his money.
For Max to be present, the entire setup was designed.

We were pleased that Checo earned a point when he placed tenth, he continued.
We become upset because he came in second place today because we expected him to win.

The only thing I can guarantee is that Mexico will produce a Formula One world champion, and Checo won the constructors’ championship this past weekend for the second time.


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