Mel Tucker, the head football coach at Michigan State, was fired as the civil rights investigation is ongoing | CNN.

Mel Tucker, the head football coach at Michigan State, was fired as the civil rights investigation is ongoing | CNN.

Mel Tucker, the head football coach at Michigan State University (MSU), was fired on Wednesday following allegations of sexual harassment.

The action was taken after the university suspended Tucker without pay after USA Today reported that Tucker was being investigated for alleged sexual harassment.

According to MSU, Tucker’s contract was terminated “because of his admitted and undeniable behaviors that have brought public disrespect, contempt, and ridicule upon the university; and constitute a material breach of his agreement, and moral turpitude.”.

In the past, Tucker—whom the university suspended after the accusations—had claimed that there was no “cause” for the university to revoke his contract and that any such action would be “unjustified.”. Tucker claimed that there had been no “meaningful review of the facts” before the allegations of sexual harassment.

According to Michigan State, Tucker’s dismissal did not put an end to the “ongoing MSU Office for Civil Rights case; that meticulous process will continue.

In a phone call with Brenda Tracy, a supporter and rape survivor, Tucker is alleged to have masturbated and made sexual comments.

According to USA Today, Tracy informed the university’s Title IX office about her conversation with Tucker.

The report’s specifics have not been independently verified by CNN.

No police report, according to Tracy’s lawyer Karen Truszkowski.
This month, she spoke on her client’s behalf and released a statement.

The statement said that Brenda Tracy “had no intention of publicly disclosing her identity.”.
“She was committed to cooperating with and completing the MSU internal investigation process, and she still is. She respected the procedure and opted not to speak with the media in order to protect its integrity.

“After the investigation was finished, we would have decided what, if any, additional steps needed to be taken. Instead, her identity was revealed without her knowledge or permission, necessitating explicit measures to keep her safe.
It was taken away from her to allow this procedure to take place in private.

In December 2022, the coach’s behavior was under investigation.

In 2020, Tucker, a defensive coordinator for the past 20 years in both the NFL and colleges, took the helm at Michigan State.

He signed a huge 10-year, $95 million contract after the team finished a commendable 11-2 in his second season, making him one of the highest-paid college football coaches.

Nevertheless, the team’s disappointing 5-7 record from the previous season included thrashings by rivals Michigan and Ohio State.


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