NBA All-Star reveals the Damian Lillard trade was tampered with.

NBA All-Star reveals the Damian Lillard trade was tampered with.

One player has asked the NBA to investigate the Milwaukee Bucks for tampering as the NBA world continues to react to the blockbuster trade that will send Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers to the team.

The NBA, man, y’all need to look into the Bucks for tampering, said Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler in a post to his Instagram story shortly after the trade, according to Legion Hoops. You didn’t hear it from me, but I did.
You check them for signs of tampering.

While it’s possible that Butler did overhear something, it’s also conceivable that Butler is just pissed off that Lillard is joining the Bucks and not the Miami Heat, where he was rumored to be seeking a trade to, which sparked trade rumors that lasted the entire offseason.

Accusations of tampering are nothing new for The Heat either.
As a result of the NBA’s discovery that Miami had discussions with free agent Kyle Lowry before Lowry decided to sign with them, Miami forfeited its second-round pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.
Ironically, the Bucks were scheduled to select before the Heat in the second round of the 2022 draft, but they had their selection taken for tampering in a sign-and-trade for Bogdan Bogdanovic, a player Milwaukee ultimately decided against trading for.

At the very least, the season’s first meeting between Milwaukee and Miami on October 30 should be fascinating.


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