Deion Sanders release official injury statement on son after unspecified injuries from the humiliating defeat.

Deion Sanders release official injury statement on son after unspecified injuries from the humiliating defeat.

After Oregon’s loss, Deion Sanders’ son was taken to the hospital and discharged “peeing blood.”.

During Colorado’s loss to Oregon, Shilo Sanders sustained a painful injury, but his father, head coach Deion Sanders, has since provided an encouraging update on his condition.

Colorado lost to Oregon last weekend for the first time this college football season, and Shilo Sanders found it to be an especially difficult time.

Sanders, the brother of the quarterback Shedeur and the son of the head coach Deion Sanders, was taken to the hospital following the game, it has come to light. The Buffaloes safety revealed he was “peeing blood” as a result of his unspecified injuries from the humiliating defeat.

I’m peeing blood right now, so I can’t say I didn’t play hard, Shilo said to YouTube outlet Well Off Media.
“Nah, I made a tackle and I think I landed on my kidney or something, so I need to go to the ER and get checked,” the person said.

Later, head coach Deion Sanders told reporters that his condition had improved and that he did not anticipate being sidelined for an extended period of time.

Sanders reportedly told On3 that “He’s doing better.”.
After we landed, we immediately went to the hospital.
He’s doing a lot better now.
He’s scheduled to play this weekend, so we’re hoping he’ll recover quickly.
He contributes significantly to the defense of both our team and our secondary.

“(Shilo) is one of the defensive leaders and he plays with a certain physicality that we want.
He has given me daily updates, so you can trust me, and I’m hoping he can play both as a father and as a coach.

He is not the first prominent Buffaloes player to experience a painful injury this year; star two-way player Travis Hunter missed the game against Oregon after suffering a lacerated liver the week before against Colorado State.
Hunter demonstrated his will in a message to Coach Sanders that he made public before the game, despite the fact that there was no chance he would be able to play.

Sanders remembered Hunter texting him, “I need to play this week.”.
“We need to make every effort possible so that I can return to the field.
The word “no” will not do.

Sanders claimed he told Hunter, “No, you ain’t ready, and I care about you more than I care about this game.”.
“When you’re fit and ready, you’re going to revolutionize the game of football.
The future you have is more promising than mine ever was or will be.
Get healthy and unwind.
You have my undying love, son.

Sanders continued, “That was the conversation, in his speech to his players.
I’m more concerned about you guys than I am about this game.
But I want you to discover who you are as we play this game and go through our ups and downs.

It is unknown whether Shilo Saunders will be able to play in Colorado’s Week 5 game against the USC Trojans because of Hunter.
They will be attempting to bounce back from last week’s significant loss, but they will be put to the test against the No. Trojans ranked eighth.


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