Lewis Hamilton intends to use the “masterpiece” of Mercedes. to get back into the F1 title race.

Lewis Hamilton intends to use the “masterpiece” of Mercedes. to get back into the F1 title race.

Hamilton has been anticipating what 2024 might bring after a second consecutive season in which a championship charge by Mercedes was out of the question.

Lewis Hamilton is hoping that his Mercedes team can repurpose some of the W14’s problematic components into a vehicle that will help him reclaim the Formula 1 championship.

For the past two seasons, the seven-time champion’s chances of winning a championship have not been particularly high.
Mercedes decided to stick with its daring “zeropod” concept even after a disappointing 2022 season by their high standards, certain that there was a way to realize its full potential.

However, the beginning of this campaign finally assisted Toto Wolff and his lieutenants in realizing that it was a lost cause.
However, by the time a more traditional aerodynamic design was implemented in Monaco, it was already too late.

Hamilton hasn’t won a race in nearly two years.
He will want to put an end to this dry spell as soon as possible, but it is unclear whether the 2024 season will present any additional opportunities for him to do so.

Hamilton believes the W14 can help with what he hopes will be a more competitive car next year, even though it hasn’t given him the opportunity to compete for race wins and the championship.
We obviously won’t ever throw away the car.
Even though they are not the world’s fastest cars, these vehicles are still masterpieces, he told the press.

“These things were built by 2,000 people who worked incredibly hard on them, and they will always be a part of our history and growth. There will be parts of it that we try to change, try to keep some of the good things because there are always good things, good and bad sides, so we’re trying to keep the good things.

“Given the new direction we’re headed in, it’s way too soon to have high hopes for the car we’ll be releasing in the coming year. But I have every confidence that the crew will steer it in the right direction.

Since we have learned a lot over the past two years, we will undoubtedly keep working on it if we haven’t solved the problem by the end of the year.
I do, however, believe they have. “.

But Hamilton is well aware of the enormous challenge facing his team in order to compete with Red Bull the following season. The British driver has already acknowledged that if he wants to seriously compete against Max Verstappen in 2024, his team will have to make an extraordinary improvement in performance.

“I think all the points George [Russell] and I make have been fully heard,” he said.
We are a very long way off, but I have no idea where the car will be in a year. The upcoming six months must be the best development period we’ve ever experienced in order to close that gap and start pounding on doors.


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