Nick Saban of Alabama Football on Dan Lanning and Deion Sanders.

Nick Saban of Alabama Football on Dan Lanning and Deion Sanders.

Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama’s football team, is regarded as being the best at what he does in the annals of college football. He has coached many top NFL players and won seven national championships.

In college football, Saban’s word is very dependable.
In his pregame speech to his team before they played coach Deion Sanders and Colorado football, Oregon football coach Dan Lanning said that the Ducks fight for victories and the Buffaloes fight for clicks.
The Alabama football coach discussed this with Pat McAfee on Thursday.

According to Saban, “there’s still the’sacred time’ where you should be able to talk to your team and say things to motivate your team…it’s not for anyone else to know.

“I can see what Dan Lanning was trying to say, and in some ways hearing it was probably good for his team.
However, it was probably not a good thing for the rest of the group to hear.

The Ducks defeated the Bears 42-6 this past weekend, and after the game Sanders responded to Lanning’s pregame message.

Despite what some may say, Sanders said, “I don’t say something just to say stuff for a click.”.
“Yeah, I save my receipts.

The biggest college football story is Sanders’ squad. Sanders is thought to be the NFL’s all-time best cornerback. He excelled at the historically black college Jackson State University and has led Colorado to victories over the defending national runner-up TCU, Nebraska, and Colorado State.

The Buffaloes held the top spot. 19 when they faced the Ducks on Saturday, but they had a terrible time.


However, Colorado football has already surpassed its 2022 win total (one) and is on track to qualify for the program’s first bowl game since 2016.


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