After their historic defeat by the Dolphins, the Broncos’ trade stance was revealed.

After their historic defeat by the Dolphins, the Broncos’ trade stance was revealed.

The Denver Broncos have started 2023 off worse than they did 2022, for some reason.
Despite appearing bad, they were 2-1 after three games last season.
They currently have a record of 0-3 and are coming off a historic 50-point defeat to the Miami Dolphins.

By virtue of Russell Wilson’s contract, the Broncos are essentially obligated to compete for victories. They are very talented, but they haven’t quite put it all together.
They have no time to wait and grow together. The Broncos need to produce results, and they need to be a successful team.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, it is too early in the season for the Broncos to panic and start offloading players, but they are not yet prepared to sell.

Despite their historic loss to the Dolphins last week, sources claim that the Broncos are not in the selling mode.
George Paton, the general manager of the Denver Broncos, will always answer trade inquiries, and the team does have two receivers, Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, who attracted trade interest during the offseason.
Denver, however, is still not there.

The Broncos acquired head coach Sean Payton in a trade with the New Orleans Saints last season after trading Bradley Chubb for a number of draft picks, including a first-round pick.
A small trade with the New York Jets netted them his replacement as well.

The Broncos will have some time to assess their situation because the trade deadline for this season isn’t until Halloween.
As Rapoport noted, they have some intriguing players who other teams are interested in, so if they continue down this path, they will be sellers once more.
The Kansas City Chiefs will be their opponents twice more before the deadline, so their schedule won’t completely slack off.
They do, however, have a greater chance of defeating simple opponents.

Week 4 sees the Broncos traveling once more, but if they fail to defeat the terrible Chicago Bears, it must be time to make some serious adjustments.
Without any evidence, Payton made a big deal out of the team’s poor performance the previous season.


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