Colorado football players thought Deion Sanders’ roster purge was “impersonal.”.

Colorado football players thought Deion Sanders’ roster purge was “impersonal.”.

After Deion Sanders became the Colorado Buffaloes’ new head coach, the team underwent a significant roster overhaul, but the players involved reportedly don’t harbor any grudges regarding how things turned out.

Kyle Bonagura, Adam Rittenberg, and Andrea Adelson of ESPN report that only 10 scholarship players from Colorado’s 2022 team are still available.
The most transfers ever made by a college football team in one offseason, 53 of the 86 newcomers this season are transfers.

However, it’s said that the players who were replaced recognize that it’s just the way that college football has changed in recent years.

It was harsh, similar to an NFL cutdown day, with the exception of the players, who mostly arrived in Boulder under the impression they would have a place to live until the end of their eligibility.
The process came across as impersonal, several players told ESPN, but their scholarships would have been honored had they wished to continue attending CU as students.

Sanders made it clear from the moment he was hired by Colorado that he intended to make the most of the new transfer rules in college football, which permit players to join a new team without having to sit out a season.
It was acknowledged that changes were required after the Buffaloes finished 1-11 in the previous campaign, but a change of this scope is still unheard of.

“Some people, they don’t plan on transferring the whole time that they’re in college,” said cornerback Jason Oliver, who switched from Colorado to Sacramento State after the spring game.
“It kind of stinks that you can get cut like that, but that’s what college football is these days,” the player said.
You must begin to comprehend it because it is merely a business.

Colorado’s 2023 season opener on Saturday against No. 1 will mark the start of the new era under Sanders.

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