Due to Deion Sanders’ success, Colorado has new regulations.

Due to Deion Sanders’ success, Colorado has new regulations.

The Colorado Buffaloes’ fan base has been reenergized by new head coach Deion Sanders, but some supporters are going too far.

In response to what officials described as “ongoing inappropriate behavior,” the university has announced a crackdown on rules for spectators at Buffaloes home games.
Fans running onto the field after games was one example of that behavior.
Fans of the Buffs were also criticized when Colorado State player Henry Blackburn received death threats after hurting Colorado star Travis Hunter during a game.

According to Colorado Athletics, “the University of Colorado Boulder is in the spotlight like never before with the excitement surrounding the success of the football team.”.
“With this increased national attention comes increased responsibility for all of our supporters, especially students, to represent CU Boulder in the best way by treating our rivals and one another with respect.

The following measure is reportedly a part of the rules crackdown, according to CU:.

  • A new student-only entrance will now be used for all games due to behavioral and ticketing fraud issues.

Upon entry, a wristband will be given to each student.
Any spectators seated in the student section without a wristband will be ejected from that area.

  • The student section now has more security, and staff will eject any students behaving inappropriately or not wearing their assigned ticket.

In Saturday’s home game against the USC Trojans, the regulations were put into effect for the first time.

It appears that Colorado’s administrators realized they needed to take some of the same steps taken by established college football powers that draw sizable crowds.
In 2022, the Buffaloes had just one victory, and their home games saw an average of 43,000 spectators. Sanders has raised the profile of the program, which has already had three victories this season and came close to pulling off an unexpected comeback victory against USC on Saturday.

More than 53,000 spectators attend each Colorado game on average this year.


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