Poor pick-six by Kirk Cousins, effort to make tackle explained.

Poor pick-six by Kirk Cousins, effort to make tackle explained.

As Kirk Cousins attempted to make a tackle on the pick-six, D’Shawn Jamison blew him up.

In regards to his egregious interception of backup safety Sam Franklin Jr., Kirk Cousins said, “There was really no mystery.”.
Sunday’s game against the Vikings saw a return for a touchdown of 99 yards.

Minnesota won the game 21-13 to avoid a 0-4 start, but the margin of victory could have been much higher had Cousins not thrown the pick six at the goal line and another interception later in the first half.

Cousins later admitted that it was “very, very frustrating” to throw the interception.
“Very unsatisfactory play on my part.
” .

On the game’s first drive, the pick-six was made.
A 45-yard pass interference call gave the Vikings a chance to advance into the red zone and take the lead as Minnesota easily advanced down the field.
Josh Oliver’s holding violation resulted in the loss of a touchdown pass to Justin Jefferson, so Cousins attempted a pass to Franklin Jr. in the left flat.
, who received a 45-yard pass interference penalty, intercepted it and ran 99 yards for a defensive touchdown.

As Franklin strolled into the end zone for a touchdown and six points, Cousins tried to make a tackle to prevent a touchdown but ended up getting blown up by D’Shawn Jamison.

I am aware of every detail. Actually, there was nothing mysterious.
I could tell you what happened right now, I’m thinking as I run to try to tackle him. You detest the result.
Cousins said, “You don’t like how it turned out.

After his costly error, Cousins made a tremendous effort.
He described what went through his mind after making the bad choice to throw to that part of the field while the defense was on him.

“Yeah, I know you always ask, ‘What’s important now?’ Well, I just threw an interception and he’s likely going to take this back for a touchdown so what’s important now is don’t want to let him do that.
‘You don’t want to be slow, right?
You have pride, too.
Create the ideal angle and attempt to get him to cut back to perhaps someone else.
He had a bit of a cavalry following him, but I figured I could go low and try to get him out of bounds or something.
However, he made a good play, and it was very disappointing.

Cousins completed 12 of his final 18 passes for 145 yards, two touchdowns, and two picks.
Jefferson caught both touchdown passes for touchdowns, and Cousins was struck as he released the ball by a defensive lineman who had run around Vikings right guard Ed Ingram.

If those two turnovers hadn’t occurred, the Vikings might have successfully limited the Panthers to three points for the day.
Additionally, the final score might have been closer to 31-3 rather than 21-13.


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