Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the New York Jets, reacts to a crucial mistake against.City of Kansas Chiefs.

Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the New York Jets, reacts to a crucial mistake against.City of Kansas Chiefs.

On Sunday night, Zach Wilson finally appeared for the New York Jets. Unfortunately for him, his impressive performance against the defending champions was for nothing after he made a crucial error late in the game that allowed Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to win 23-20 at MetLife Stadium.

Zach Wilson Accepts Full Responsibility for Loss.

In the four games he’s played so far this season, this was without a doubt Wilson’s most outstanding performance.
Some might even contend that it was the best performance from the former second-overall pick that we have seen since he joined the NFL.

Wilson completed 28 of his 39 passes for 245 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.
In this game, the 24-year-old quarterback outperformed reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes, giving the impression that he was the superior quarterback.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, Wilson ultimately made a crucial mistake that determined the outcome of the game in the fourth quarter:.

Wilson was seen being comforted by his teammates after the game despite appearing to be clearly dejected.
Although the exact words that were exchanged at this time are unknown, it is obvious that Wilson’s teammates were encouraging their young quarterback after the devastating defeat.

Following the match, Wilson was quick to accept full responsibility for the defeat:.

Wilson responded, “Yeah, that’s on me,” according to NFL on CBS on Twitter.
“This is a crucial situation; I can’t play like that.
I won’t let the ball slip. This team is giving a lot up. Guys are making plays, the defense was making plays, the offensive line was protecting, and the receivers were making plays.
I am unable to make a snap decision while driving there. I cannot continue to play like I lost us this game.

“I was letting those guys know that I needed to improve. I must improve my attention to the details and little things.
This cannot happen.

Zach Wilson’s performance is discussed by New York Jets coach Robert Saleh.

After the game, the quarterback’s performance was discussed with Jets head coach Robert Saleh. The New York shot-caller seized the chance to gush over Wilson.

Saleh said, “I thought he was really good.
He gave us a chance to triumph in the match. He got us here again.
We’ll win a lot of football games if he continues to play like that.

Although New York’s defeat was undoubtedly demoralizing, there are many positives to be drawn from Wilson’s performance in this situation. The Jets and their supporters are hoping that this defeat will serve as a turning point in their upcoming, arduous season.


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