Despite their victory over the Buffaloes, coaches disregard the Trojans in a new poll.

Despite their victory over the Buffaloes, coaches disregard the Trojans in a new poll.

Future defensive improvements by USC are required.

The phrase “defense wins championships” is among the oldest in sports. And the saying from earlier times still holds true, even in the modern era of college football, where the offensive has dominated everything.

At some point during a game, teams must be able to stop the opposition; otherwise, they leave themselves open to attack.
The defensive players must step up and contribute because offenses won’t score on every drive.

The USC Trojans have produced back-to-back shaky defensive efforts, which have brought back memories of how bad the defense was in the previous campaign.
They lost the chance to qualify for the College Football Playoff last year due to their inability to stop anyone, and if they don’t take care, they will lose it once more.

Even though the Trojans won this past weekend against the Colorado Buffalos, they didn’t look great.
The defense occasionally appeared lost and unable to stop anyone, but the offense was operating at full capacity.
Due to this performance, the team lost ground in the coaches’ poll once more.

Despite defeating the Colorado Buffaloes on the road, the USC Trojans dropped once more in the US LBM Coaches Poll.
Although Lincoln Riley said after the game that he still believes in Alex Grinch, the defense is a huge concern.
We’ll see if the defensive coordinator’s confidence in the head coach is justified, but that’s a topic for another day.
We can say that USC needs to play better defense if it doesn’t want to see its poll numbers continue to decline.

Again, Caleb Williams and the Trojans’ offense, which won the Heisman Trophy, came through for them. However, if USC is committed to taking home the national championship, they cannot approach things in this manner.

Break, don’t bend.
Caleb Williams should be comfortably in the driver’s seat for the Heisman Trophy after throwing six touchdown passes despite the defense almost losing it again.

If USC doesn’t tighten up going forward, it could cost them more than just losing a poll.
They will drop games playing against tougher opposition, and if that occurs, they can bid their aspirations of winning the championship farewell.


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