For embracing Taylor Swift, a Chiefs player gets mocked by Tyreek Hill.

For embracing Taylor Swift, a Chiefs player gets mocked by Tyreek Hill.

Since it appears that pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce are dating, Swifties have taken over the NFL in recent weeks.
As a result, her devoted following tunes in every week to see her support her new boyfriend.

The Chiefs-New York Jets game on Sunday was the NFL’s most watched game since the Super Bowl thanks to Taylor Swift mania, which is amazing.

Swift’s presence has increased the attention paid to Chiefs games as well as Kelce’s popularity, which was already at an all-time high thanks to his podcast with his brother Jason Kelce and the recent Amazon documentary about the Philadelphia Eagles star and his family.

It goes without saying that this is an exciting time to be a member of the Kelce family because even Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, who enjoys watching sporting events with Swift, is quickly becoming well-known.

Tyreek Hill, a former Chiefs superstar, couldn’t help but call Chris Jones out for joining the Swifties on Twitter.
Chris Jones, the star defensive tackle for the Chiefs, seems to be getting involved as well as being the newest member of the group.

According to how things are going for the Chiefs, Jones might not be the last player in Kansas City to join the bandwagon because Swift has in just a few weeks completely transformed the team’s fan base.

The NFL and the Chiefs would both love to see Swift cheering in a suite with the Kelce family and her group of famous friends, so the real question going forward is whether she will attend games frequently.


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