Lakers star Anthony Davis fires a preseason shot at Denver Nuggets.

Lakers star Anthony Davis fires a preseason shot at Denver Nuggets.

Just a lot of talking, that’s all.
Yes, you won, we understand. Anthony Davis of the Lakers shoots a practice shot against the Denver Nuggets.
Overtime Heroics.

With the Denver Nuggets in his sights as the NBA season gets underway, LA Lakers star Anthony Davis has thrown the first stone.

In the Western Conference Finals, the Lakers were defeated by the Nuggets, who were routed in four games.
It appears that Davis and the LA team are seeking sweet revenge.

Davis and LeBron James are adamant that they will go all out for victory against Denver because there was a lot of trash talking before that series earlier this year.

“There was simply a lot of talking.
We understand that you won, but LeBron James and I had some conversations and are eager to play them.

The Lakers and Nuggets games this season will be intense, and the two teams may even face off in the Western Conference Finals once more, but Davis believes that this time the Lakers will speak for themselves on the court.

In addition to being an eight-time NBA All-Star, Davis is a 2020 NBA Champion and a member of the All-NBA First Team four times.

The player, a former Pelican, was acquired as the overall No. 1 pick in 2009 and will be driven to win another NBA championship this year.


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