NFL explains why it removed Taylor Swift references from social media

NFL explains why it removed Taylor Swift references from social media

Taylor Swift references on social media were taken down by the NFL, as stated.

Recently, references to Taylor Swift have appeared in the NFL’s bio on Instagram and X.

Even Travis Kelce feels that the league is giving too much attention to his new love.

When it was suggested that the NFL was enjoying the success of the Kansas City Chiefs now that Travis Kelce is dating the pop star, the NFL responded by explaining why it had removed several references to Taylor Swift from its social media channels.

After Swift watched Sunday’s contentious win by Kansas City over the New York Jets from the stands, some fans let their rage out.

Even Kelce thinks that the NFL is “overdoing” its coverage of his new love interest.
During the game on Sunday, NBC cut to the singer 17 times.
Damn, that’s crazy.
The tight end remarked, “That happens about once per drive.”.

Following the conclusion of “Sunday Night Football,” the NFL’s official Instagram account announced that Kelce and company had won both games they had attended since their relationship became known.

While this was going on, the NFL’s bio on X, formerly known as Twitter, briefly read “NFL (Taylor’s Version)” before being changed to “we had the best day with you today,” a reference to Taylor Swift’s song “The Best Day.”.

Swift’s performance at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night was featured on the league’s cover images for a while.

The references vanished, though, after a short while. By Wednesday morning, the Jaguars and Bills game in London this weekend had taken center stage on the league’s account on channel X.

According to the NFL, “We regularly change our bios and profile imagery based on what’s happening in and around our games, as well as culturally,” The New York Post.

‘The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news has been a pop cultural moment we’ve leaned into in real time, as it’s an intersection of sport and entertainment, and we’ve seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport,’ said one observer.

The NFL added: “The vast majority of our content has remained focused on the game, our players and variety of other initiatives.” This was in response to criticism that the league appeared to be celebrating the Chiefs’ success, which was allegedly fueling conspiracy theories. including the international competitions, our Toy Story Funday Football alternate podcast, and more.
‘ .

While Swift watched the Chiefs defeat the Jets with friends from the entertainment world like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and more in her suite at MetLife, an average of 27 million viewers tuned in to NBC and Peacock.

Travis said: “They are overdoing it a bit for sure, especially in my situation,” in the new episode of his New Heights podcast airing on Wednesday.
They simply want to enjoy it.

On his podcast, Kelce is joined by his older brother Jason, an Eagles player. He agreed with his brother’s point of view and advised the NFL to take the NBA’s lead.

Jason said, “The NFL is not used to celebrities attending the games.”.
Basketball has it down pat.

You can’t go overboard with it; you just have to show them once and let them know they’re there, perhaps after a touchdown.
To watch the game, there are spectators.

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