A FOX Sports analyst claims that Deion Sanders’ media coverage has been reduced to its “lowest common denominator.”.

A FOX Sports analyst claims that Deion Sanders’ media coverage has been reduced to its “lowest common denominator.”.

Coach of the Colorado Buffaloes makes an unusual turnaround, but the real story is barely covered.

Some people, including some in the media, are unsure of how to respond to the changes Deion Sanders has brought about in college football.
Tim Brando, a sports analyst for FOX, offered a novel perspective on Coach Prime, claiming that some outlets “appeal to the lowest common denominator.”.

On Outkick’s “Hot Mic,” Brando elaborated on the reasons why he holds that opinion.
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“Those who want to make this about race and have been making it about that by appealing to the lowest common denominator in the media are totally missing the point.
According to him, 75% of college football players are Black.
I’m happy to say Spencer Tillman and I were on the forefront of and talked about it for years while we were at CBS.
The fact that there are Black coaches, Black head coaches, was a contentious conversation with the Black Head Coaches Association years ago.

“But Deion’s doing this… and to say that Colorado is definitely Black America’s team – that was on four or five different websites that you would figure it might be on, politically slanted, but then you saw a few sports websites go in that direction, too, legitimate websites – and I think that’s appealing to the lowest common denominator,” the author said.

Everyone wants a piece on Sanders because he is the biggest story, even the media outlets that don’t frequently cover sports.
By creating a pop culture phenomenon with the Buffaloes, he has turned Boulder into the center of attention. This is comparable to Michigan’s Fab Five or the Los Angeles Raiders after Al Davis criticized the NFL.
The traditions of college football and beyond have been upended by Coach Prime’s successful program-building.

More to Sanders’ story than just skin color, according to Brando.
However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that what Deion is doing is unprecedented.
The story has been pushed in that direction.
That is the bigger story here, one that is frequently overlooked or reduced to a mere afterthought.

“I believe that to make it about race is to gloss over this incredible, historic run that Deion has had.
In addition, regardless of the results of the matches at Oregon and the defeat to USC at home.
He has already triumphed. He has, I guess.
They continue to be the most discussed team in America.

This week, Colorado traveled to Arizona State (6:30 p.m. m. TV: P12N (ET).
At the end of the homecoming weekend at Folsom Field, a favorable back-to-back stretch with Stanford.


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