Official Reason why Bernie Ecclestone blamed for causing Lewis Hamilton title row as legal options discussed

Official Reason why Bernie Ecclestone blamed for causing Lewis Hamilton title row as legal options discussed

As legal options are discussed, Bernie Ecclestone is accused of causing Lewis Hamilton’s championship row.

Felipe Massa’s unexpected attempt to have the outcome of the 2008 F1 World Championship overturned centers on Lewis Hamilton.

Felipe Massa won the 2008 World Championship before Lewis Hamilton, according to Bernie Ecclestone, who said that Felipe Massa was “cheated” out of the title.
Tom Coronel, a Dutch racing driver, thinks there is “zero” chance the title will be challenged.

Ecclestone made headlines last month when he asserted that the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix results should have been canceled following the discovery of Nelson Piquet Jr.’s intentional crash.
The former F1 boss admitted he learned of the intentional crash during the 2008 season, before the story was finally revealed a year later, but he chose not to speak out at the time.

Because of Piquet Jr.’s crash, Massa had to pit under the Safety Car, and when he emerged from the pits, his fuel hose was still connected to his Ferrari.
He ultimately finished 13th and in last place, while Hamilton secured third place and six championship points.

And despite Massa’s victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix, he was heartbreakingly denied his first world championship when Hamilton passed Timo Glock in the final corners to secure enough points to win the championship. Ecclestone later clarified: “I continue to feel bad for Massa today.
At his home race in Sao Paulo, he took first place and performed flawlessly.

He was defrauded of the championship he merited, whereas Hamilton had the best luck possible and claimed his first title. I would have set up the situation differently today.
Since making those remarks, Massa has started considering his legal options and plans to “study the situation” to determine whether it might be possible to have the championship outcome overturned.

“This is very sad, to know the result of this race was supposed to be cancelled and I would have a title,” Massa continued.
I ultimately suffered the greatest loss as a result of this outcome.
We are pursuing it in order to comprehend everything. “.

Coronel, however, does not believe that Massa should move on and that the outcome from 2008 can be changed. Coronel stated on the Racingnews365 podcast that it was “really not possible” to bring up that topic fifteen years later.

“You might have been able to print a little bit here and there if you had worked on it that year, but in this case, that can never be undone, ever.

Consequently, whenever Ecclestone shouts something, a fire always starts somewhere, he continued.
No, there is absolutely no chance that Massa will achieve his goals.


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