Deion Sanders provides an update on Travis Hunter

Deion Sanders provides an update on Travis Hunter

Deion Sanders provides an update on Travis Hunter, a star player for Colorado, and states that he “is doing well.”.

During a victory over Colorado State, Hunter sustained an injury.

According to his coach Deion Sanders, star wide receiver and defensive back Travis Hunter of the Colorado Buffaloes still needs some time off before playing football again.

Hunter will probably miss the next two games, according to Sanders, who revealed this during a press conference.
This weekend, the Buffaloes will travel to Tempe to take on Arizona State in an effort to get back on a winning streak.

Hunter would also miss Stanford’s game the following week, according to Sanders’ timeline.

After that, Colorado will have a week off.
It appears that there is hope that Hunter will be able to play after the bye.
Hunter’s involvement with the team does not appear to have been hindered by his inability to play on the field with his teammates.

Travis is doing well, I hear. He was coaching his butt off at practice today.
He’s one of our top coaches, and I would love for him to sit out until after the bye week.
Travis, however, I am acquainted with.
He will want to because, most likely, Shilo (Sanders) will be there.
“Sanders remarked.

There is a chance, a chance, and a prayer that you might see (Myles) Slusher.
He’s going to want to join them, and you might see a few starters from the secondary that’s supposed to be in there.

After its bye week, Colorado is slated to travel to face UCLA.
Following a double-overtime victory over Colorado State, Hunter sustained a lacerated liver and is still recovering from it.

Henry Blackburn of Colorado State’s defense struck Hunter close to the sideline, leaving Hunter on the ground for a while. Blackburn was warned by the officials for the hit, but he was not dismissed from the contest.

Hunter was able to return to the game, but ultimately left.
Later, he was brought to a hospital.
Hunter recently spoke with the Colorado State safety on social media, indicating that he holds no grudges against Blackburn for the hit.

In the YouTube video, Hunter proclaimed that football is ultimately just a game.
“We are the ones who play it, and eventually we are going to get hurt.
Simply put, you can’t see it as a drawback.
Something positive is emerging from it, dot.
as of late. This video is really great.
The positive outcome of that injury or that football game was us coming together.


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