Lewis Hamilton ready to complete new F1 career high as George Russell role explained

Lewis Hamilton ready to complete new F1 career high as George Russell role explained

According to George Russell’s role explanation, Lewis Hamilton is prepared to set a new F1 career high.

Despite Mercedes’ struggles and his longest winless streak of his F1 career, seven-time world champion Hamilton is confident that his greatest moment may still be ahead of him.

Regaining a Formula 1 victory, in Lewis Hamilton’s opinion, “will likely be the greatest triumph of my career,”.

It goes without saying that the seven-time world champion is accustomed to standing on the top step of the F1 podium.
His record of 103 race victories is unmatched in the history of the sport.

The most recent of those victories, however, was recorded almost two years ago.
For the first time ever, Hamilton went the entire season without winning in 2022, and it currently appears that he will do the same thing this year.

His most recent Mercedes models were unable to challenge the dominant Red Bulls.
He will be hoping that one of his next two vehicles will give him a better chance of defeating Max Verstappen after agreeing to a new contract that runs through the end of 2025.

Even at the age of 38, Hamilton is still confident that he and his team can succeed.
And if he can, he is certain that it would rank among his career’s many notable accomplishments to date.

We intend to return.
We are capable of doing it, he told Blick in Switzerland.
“The next rung on the podium will appear. And it’ll probably go down as my greatest professional achievement.

“I’m hoping the amount of data we’ve gathered so far this year will have an effect on the new car.
Everyone on the Mercedes team in both factories hopes for that.
Each of us must have unwavering faith in our objectives.
Moreover, keep trying.

He had previously promised that he wouldn’t stay in Formula One past the age of 40, but that new contract will keep him there.
Hamilton says he “underestimated” how much he loved the sport and that after learning more about himself, he is now “much happier” than he was in his younger years.

That does not imply that the Brit is always content with his daily involvement in Formula One.
It has turned into a love-hate tale, he claimed.
“There are some days when I would rather not enter the cockpit.

He claims, however, that the urge to succeed always wins out, and that he now has a new motivator in the form of teammate George Russell.
“The fights with my teammate George also inspire me,” he said. You need to be alert at all times.


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