Surprised Response of Victor Wembanyama After Finally Getting Gregg Popovich’s Rage.

Surprised Response of Victor Wembanyama After Finally Getting Gregg Popovich’s Rage.

Victor Wembanyama has wisdom well beyond his age of 19.
Since he first emerged as a serious NBA prospect, the San Antonio Spurs rookie has been compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with no other player in NBA history being able to match the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers in terms of size, athleticism, and skill.
Wembanyama and Abdul-Jabbar do not, however, only possess similar physical attributes and inherent talents.

Wembanyama’s response to inflicting Popovich’s wrath on the Spurs coach for the first time as a member is the most recent illustration of that impressive reality.

When asked whether Popovich had yelled at him yet, the French wonderkid responded with a smile, “Yeah, yeah.”.
It arrived later than anticipated, but finally, yes.
It was good of him to yell at me. “.

Perhaps Abdul-Jabbar didn’t handle being yelled at by coaches early in his legendary NBA career as well as he should have.
He was occasionally combative. But one of the many aspects of Wembanyama’s game and personality that has the No. 1 ranking is the maturity that enables him to jokingly brush off Popovich’s wrath while still accepting helpful criticism.
Superstar potential for the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2023.

Like host JJ Redick said, anyone would be lucky to have the outlook on life Wembanyama has managed despite spending almost all of his adolescence in the spotlight.
Another quality of Wembanyama’s that makes it simple to think of Abdul-Jabbar is his calm, collected, and confident demeanor. The vast majority of rookies simply lack these qualities.

Six championships and six MVPs may be too much for even Wembanyama to accomplish, but will he ever reach the illustrious heights of The Captain?
But at this point, it would be foolish to set any limits on what Wembanyama could achieve given his embrace of Popovich’s tough love along with all the other qualities that truly make him a generational prospect.


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