‘Very upsetting’: ex-spur speaks out on exposure allegations

‘Very upsetting’: ex-spur speaks out on exposure allegations

While in Los Angeles, the 20-year-old claims to continue his therapy.

During the team’s media day at the University of Hawaii on Monday, October 2, the third-year NBA guard, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, spoke about his ongoing legal issues and impending NBA suspension.

The 20-year-old met with a select group of reporters to talk about his return to the NBA after spending nearly a year away from the league and the San Antonio Spurs.
Furthermore, how he will carry on attending therapy sessions while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers in the future.

Primo told Law Murray of The Athletic, “I think it was very alarming, and I think everyone felt like it was a little alarming.”.
The revelation of these allegations was very upsetting. But I believe that right now, I’m in a better place and that I will continue to move toward that better place.
However, I had to accept accountability for my actions going forward.
And I’ve carried on doing that over the past year, and I will keep carrying on doing that.

Many NBA and Clippers supporters disapproved of Primo’s signature last week on social media. However, the organization felt comfortable adding the 20-year-old to the team after spending several months meeting with him and hearing from therapists who closely evaluated him, according to Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times.

According to Lawrence Frank, the Clippers’ president of basketball operations, “based on their level of confidence following the evaluations and what he’s doing now, they feel he can be a positive contributor to the organization moving forward.”.

Prior to signing Primo, Frank added, the team’s female employees who frequently interact with the players were also consulted.

A misdemeanor indecent exposure charge against Primo is still being pursued by the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.
On Monday, October 2, when asked by Tom Orsborn of the Express-News about the former Spur joining the Clippers, head coach Gregg Popovich said, “I’m sure many of us have had second chances in life, but I really don’t have any comments about who other people sign.
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