Four Players Miami Could Trade for That Would Make them Better – Miami Dolphins

Four Players Miami Could Trade for That Would Make them Better – Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins could improve themselves by acquiring these four players through trade.

There was a lot of speculation during the off-season about players Miami could acquire through trade, but every single one of those players was a running back.
Those rumors have been put to rest thanks to the outstanding performances of running backs Salvon Ahmed, De’Von Achane, and Raheem Mostert.
However, some trades could still be made to immediately improve this team.
This team has some gaps that could be filled by a select few players.
I anticipate the Miami Dolphins to act aggressively to help this team get over the hump since they are anticipated to be contenders and have no time to waste.
There is a very narrow window with the addition of players like Tyreek Hill and Jalen Ramsey, and we can’t afford to wait another year in hopeless anticipation. This team needs a playoff victory and a strong postseason run.
After the game against the Buffalo Bills, it is still clear that we lack the necessary personnel to compete with the AFC’s elite teams. Chris Grier needs to call right now; he needs to call right away.
To be clear, none of the players I’m about to mention are offensive linemen because there aren’t exactly a lot of them available to trade for.
The following list of hypothetical and improbable players are four that Miami could trade for to immediately improve themselves.

Falcons of Atlanta, tight end Kyle Pitts.

I’ve heard Kyle Pitt’s name mentioned in trade rumors; some Miami Dolphin supporters have entertained the notion, while others have dismissed it entirely. For those who fit into the latter category, it makes sense that every player appears to have been Photoshopped into a Miami Dolphins uniform whenever we open Twitter.
In the off-season, supporters pounded the table in search of a playmaking tight end. Miami made it clear that they were happy with the seasoned tight end Durham Smythe when they gave him a two-year contract extension and made no other significant changes at the tight end position.
Smythe is a reliable tight end with excellent blocking skills, but adding a tight end with playmaking potential strengthens this offense even further. Kyle Pitts gives you both of these qualities, which this offense values.
Mike McDaniel’s eyes would burst with how many plays he could come up with for Pitts, an athletic tight end who runs a 4 point 44.
Pitts provides you with a significant threat and a crucial red-zone target. I don’t see any wide receivers or tight ends in this group who really give you a chance with 50/50 balls.
Pitts has been compared to Mike Gesicki by many fans, but the two players are very different athletes.
Although Kyle Pitts isn’t known for his blocking skills, he has the physical capacity and isn’t unwilling to do so.
This would increase the speed of a powerful offense. He and Durham Smythe would make a good 1-2 punch because they each had their own set of skills.
Although Pitts’ availability is denied by Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith, if the team’s season takes a bad turn, that could change very quickly. Kyle Pitts might be traded sooner rather than later because of his underutilization.
Pitts would have a lot of targets due to the recent injuries to the Dolphins’ wide receiver group.
Perhaps wide receivers aren’t even the right fit for the WR3 position’s rotating door. Uncertainty surrounds Atlanta’s possible demands, but Chris Grier has the skills necessary to pull it off.
Erik Ezukanma, a wide receiver, would be available as part of a package once he’s healthy.
Wide receivers with the ability to come out of the backfield are obviously in high demand in Atlanta, and “Eze-E” would give the Falcons that flexibility.

Brian Burns, a defensive end for the Carolina Panthers.

If I were Chris Grier, I’d once more be sticking my hands into the NFC South division’s cookie jar.
It’s obvious that Miami needs more “dawgs” on the defensive line given how difficult it has been for the Dolphins to pressure the quarterback in recent games.
In addition to Jaelen Phillips’ intermittent participation in the lineup due to injury, Bradley Chubb has also been unreliable.
In order to quickly help this line, I’d pair someone like Brian Burns with ILB/OLB Andrew Van Ginkel. Brian Burns is a super-flexible defensive end who is incredibly athletic.
The search is over if you want a dawg.
Last season, Burns made 63 total tackles in addition to 12 point five sacks. Miami is lacking a few things, one of which is a sack-getter.
We require more than an “almost got there” pass rush against the QBs we must contend with in this conference. This might be the ideal situation because the Carolina Panthers may be planning to start the rebuilding process soon (especially if we give them another loss the following week, making it an already winless season).
As for the Panthers, I’ve heard they’re looking for a wide receiver.
Boy, do we have someone for you: Cedrick Wilson Jr. Brian Burns might benefit from a change of scenery, and his prime years won’t be lost to a rebuild.
I would be willing to give up the second round pick from the following year if necessary as compensation in the draft. The only issue would be deciding what to do with an already packed Edge room that includes Andrew Van Ginkel, Bradley Chubb, Jaelan Phillips, and Emmanuel Ogbah. Bradley Chubb’s departure is unlikely, but if this contract has a loophole, I’d be looking for it.
Being the most effective of the group and a blatant “Vic Fangio guy,” Andrew Van Ginkel is untouchable.
Although Jaelan Phillips is a fan favorite, he hasn’t stayed healthy.
Additionally, Miami will have to make some difficult decisions regarding who to pay in the off-season, so it might be best to part ways with Phillips now to make that decision a little bit easier.
For him, I’d look for a team that is lacking at the Edge position, perhaps due to an injury, and try to get some draft compensation for him.
As for Ogbah, I’d look for that same team and give him away for next to nothing.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen.

Since the Baltimore Ravens are another AFC contender and will face Miami later in the season, this trade has less chance of happening.
Nevertheless, it’s still worth a try.
Miami needs a linebacker or better linebacker play in general.
Patrick Queen has previously been associated with Miami, and our linebackers have been nonexistent. Miami is in desperate need of Queen’s versatility at this position.
A trade for Jaelen Phillips might make sense for both teams as Patrick Queen enters the final year of his rookie contract.
Queen might end up being the odd man out after the Ravens gave Roquan Smith a sizable contract and selected LB Trenton Simpson in the previous draft.
By adding him to this defense, you get a player who can effectively shoot the gap, shed blocks, and drop back into coverage. In other words, he provides you with something that this team’s starting linebackers have consistently lacked.
It’s well known that Jerome Baker’s time with the team is coming to an end, but if there’s a way to get rid of him sooner, I’d take it.

Denver Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain, Jr.

Another player whose inclusion would be highly improbable is Patrick Surtain, but after Miami humiliated the Denver Broncos by 50, that player needs to be saved.
Surtain Jr. deserves it, and only he. as a favor to his dad, Patrick Surtain Sr., to establish himself in Miami.
who competed for Miami for seven seasons. The Denver Broncos’ expectations for the season haven’t been met, and Surtain Jr. doesn’t need his prime years to be squandered on a subpar team.
A. Surtain Jr. enabling you to travel with players like Stefon Diggs by providing you with the lockdown corner you require. Kader Kohou could continue to play at the nickel position, where he is most effective, with this change.
Miami ought to make the most of Xavien Howard, who is a shell of the player he once was.
a move on Surtain Jr. would either entail Cam Smith moving to the opposite side of Surtain Jr. when Jalen Ramsey is healthy, moving him to safety, or pairing Ramsey with Surtain Jr. giving Cam Smith more time to mature on the outside.
Surtain, Jr. The Broncos may have a Top-10 pick in the upcoming draft and may look to add more draft picks. is arguably the best corner in the league but can sometimes be overlooked, rotting away in Denver.
He deserves to play for a contender.
Why not go back to the place where his pops played and where he has family ties?
Miami acquired OLB Bradley Chubb as a result of previous business between Denver and the Miami Dolphins.
A team that may soon be in the process of rebuilding has my willingness to part with a few first-round picks.
Oh yeah, “F-those picks,” the Los Angeles Rams of 2022 said, to repeat themselves.

Miami’s window is closing, and there is no longer a first-round exit available. Miami needs to be aggressive and approach this season as if it were a championship or bust season.
I say there is no need for patience; hurry up and get the players this team needs to be complete so we can contend for the championship.


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