Hamilton snubbed by Alonso as F1 legend makes strong Verstappen claim

Hamilton snubbed by Alonso as F1 legend makes strong Verstappen claim

F1 legend Alonso passes over Hamilton as Verstappen makes a compelling argument.

With just three points needed in the Qatar sprint race for the Dutchman to secure the championship, Max Verstappen is poised to claim his third F1 world championship.

Max Verstappen, in Fernando Alonso’s opinion, will go down as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time, up there with Michael Schumacher.

Verstappen needs just three points in the sprint race before the Qatar Grand Prix to clinch a third straight F1 world championship, and Alonso named the Dutchman the best F1 driver since Schumacher, notably leaving Lewis Hamilton out of the list.

With 103 race victories, the Briton leads all previous champions in the sport’s history.
Schumacher and Hamilton have each won a record seven world championships. Alonso responded, “I’ve only been wheel-to-wheel with Michael, but (Max is) with Michael maybe, yes, when asked about Verstappen’s accomplishments.

“We must watch and wait.
Max’s life will get better over the upcoming few years.
We’ll compare him to Michael even more closely in the future as he continues to add championships.

Verstappen has done an “amazing job” for Red Bull, according to Hamilton, who did not elaborate on Verstappen’s position among the greatest drivers.
Hamilton said, “I wouldn’t rank him.

Ranking individuals is a subjective process. He has earned his position, and he did a fantastic job with the resources at his disposal.
This season, he and the team haven’t made a mistake.

They have raised the standard, so we must consider this as well as the areas in which we can improve.
Although I do hope we can outperform them, they should relish the opportunity since they worked hard for it.

Verstappen has reflected on his first victory in 2021 and is on track to become just the eleventh driver in Formula One history to win three world championships.
This year’s race marks the return of F1 to Qatar after that incident, which also occurred there.

The emotions are very different because I was also competing for my first title at the time, he explained.
“Now that you have already won twice and are attempting your third, the emotions are very different.

The car is much better than it was back then, so the feelings are completely different.
But also, the situation we are in as a team is very different.
Yet I enjoy both approaches. I enjoyed that year, persevering to the bitter end, but I also like what I’m doing now.
The fact that it can be used in various ways, in my opinion, is lovely.


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