Max Verstappen attacks F1 rules ahead of Qatar GP change the Red Bull star hates

Max Verstappen attacks F1 rules ahead of Qatar GP change the Red Bull star hates

Prior to the Qatar GP rule change that the Red Bull star despises, Max Verstappen criticizes the F1 regulations.

Even though F1 Sprints are in their third year and have already undergone numerous changes, Max Verstappen is still not a fan.

In the Qatar Sprint race, Max Verstappen will probably win his third Formula One championship, but that won’t alter his opinion of the competition.

The Dutchman’s distaste for the Sprints has never been concealed.
He was one of the drivers on the grid who voiced criticism of the sport’s rules early on, and he has consistently refused to change his mind.

Verstappen continues to hold firm to his position despite the potential history he will likely make this Saturday.
“I don’t think it really changes a lot,” he told reporters, “it’s not like it came out of nowhere that I was going to win the championship here, or next week.”.

“I know that if I win or accomplish anything else on Saturday, you win the championship, but I believe that our main goal is simply to enjoy the weekend.

He continued, “I prefer the regular racing format.
I don’t like the Sprint format.
I believe it to be slightly more thrilling.
You can push yourself further during qualifying in particular because you are more aware of your practice activities.

You run the risk of having larger shunts, for instance, if you complete FP1 at Suzuka and then immediately enter qualifying.
Just not as satisfying. I keep telling people that once we complete a Sprint race, you will understand the overall picture for the main race.

“Therefore, you pretty much already know, ‘Oh, well, this guy is going to be really good in the race, the other one is going to drop back,'” the author said. So it lessens the excitement a little bit. I recall that it’s difficult to predict which cars will ultimately be particularly amazing if you’re just looking at them from the outside of the Formula One world.

“Oh wow, okay. You watch qualifying.
However, it’s possible that he will fall back in the race if only one car is in front.
When you all awaken for the Sunday race, you all see them fall.
owing to the Sprint race.
It eliminates that.
You think that team, or whatever, will win the race if nothing happens to him and he doesn’t crash.

That much is probably accurate this weekend regarding Verstappen and Red Bull. They bounced back from their slip-up in Singapore to dominate at Suzuka their previous outing, and they will be favorites to win both the Sprint and the main race on a Qatari track with few slow-speed corners.

Verstappen will unfortunately have to compete in sprint races again in 2023 after this weekend. There are two more to come from the remaining five Grand Prix weekends; one is scheduled for the Brazilian Grand Prix, and its use in Austin will result in back-to-back F1 Sprints for the first time.


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