Minneapolis mayor wants Taylor Swift to attend Vikings vs Chiefs

Minneapolis mayor wants Taylor Swift to attend Vikings vs Chiefs

Taylor Swift is invited to the Vikings vs.
Chiefs game by the mayor of Minneapolis; she will have to comfort Kelce afterward.

NFL. Byron Murphy is eager to insult Taylor Swift in front of Travis Kelce.

According to Travis Kelce, the NFL is “overdoing it” with its coverage of Taylor Swift.

Everyone is waiting to see if Taylor Swift will attend her third straight Travis Kelce game.

The Minnesota Vikings will host the Kansas City Chiefs at US Bank Stadium the following weekend, and the mayor of Minneapolis is spearheading the effort to get her to do so.

Giants fans viciously jeer Taylor Swift’s commercial while she is in a relationship with Travis Kelce.

Will Taylor Swift watch the Chiefs vs.
Vikings game?

According to TMZ, the mayor of the city, Jacob Frey, said that this Sunday, the singer will be welcomed with open arms.

We are all too aware of the beneficial effects Taylor Swift has on the cities she visits, and Minneapolis is no different, according to Frey.

Her two sold-out performances at US Bank Stadium in June sparked a record-breaking weekend of tourism that included fully booked hotels and bustling downtown eateries, boosting the local economy beyond our wildest expectations.

We’ll be ‘Ready For It’ if Taylor decides to visit Minneapolis this weekend, also known as Swiftieapolis.

“There are lots of great spots across town for them to go on a date and lift their spirits,” she said, “but it’s possible she will have to console Travis Kelce after the Vikings beat the Chiefs.”.


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