3 Teams that could steal Zach Collins from the Spurs next summer

3 Teams that could steal Zach Collins from the Spurs next summer

After assuming the starting center position following the trade of Jakob Poeltl, Zach Collins proved to the world that he was still alive.
He produced well with the San Antonio Spurs last season, even displaying some real promise in his shooting.

There aren’t many big men in the world who can shoot at a clip of 37 percent or higher from behind the arc.
Zach is beginning a contract year, so we can count on him to deliver in order to increase his next paycheck.
Others will be attempting to sign him to a long-term contract in addition to the San Antonio Spurs.

the Wizards of Washington.

After trading away franchise star Bradley Beal, the Wizards are technically rebuilding. Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma, two highly skilled offensive players, will start to contribute right away. Even though they are anticipated to finish last in the lottery, I anticipate that they will work to strengthen their rotation of big men in the upcoming offseason.
They don’t have a lot of depth outside of their starting five players right now.

Although Washington’s young big man Daniel Gafford wants to prove that he can be a pillar of the team, the allure of a floor-spacing big might be too alluring. Collins and Gafford may also be present there for extended periods of time in certain circumstances. Zach Collins is skilled enough to play at power forward in specific lineups and played there when he first entered the NBA.

With Daniel Gafford supporting him or when they are on the court together, he could be a valuable asset. The Wizards are in a position to really bolster their roster in order to prepare for a potential top-five draft pick.

  1. the Magic of Orlando.

Orlando enters this discussion due to their lack of depth at the power forward and center positions.
Wendell Carter Jr., a former Blue Devil, currently occupies the starting big man position.
Due to his injury history, Orlando might desire more depth at the position.
Zach Collins can fit into multiple lineups and add some much-needed shooting.

The current crop of players, including franchise forward Paolo Banchero and recently selected Anthony Black, aren’t great at spreading the floor.
Jalen Suggs has additionally had a difficult time establishing his value.
Although it is only a small sample and inconsistent, Wendell’s 35 percent three-point shooting has made a small difference.

Stars like Banchero need a lot of space around them, so starting three to four players who can’t effectively spread the floor makes it very difficult to succeed in the NBA.
This might be drowned out if Wendell can take his game to the next level.
Collins would likely appeal to them due to a variety of factors.

  1. the Pelicans of New Orleans.

With New Orleans having paid the tax, this is a little tricky.
The Pelicans would need to sign and trade for Zach Collins even though they are not heavily indebted like many NBA teams.
San Antonio would have to cooperate in this, but they have previously shown a desire to uphold their reputations if they have eyes for other teams.
In this case, the Spurs would also receive a respectable asset.

The veteran center Jonas Valanciunas’ contract expires at the end of this season, which is why New Orleans is making this move.
The Pelicans now have a spot available and are looking to see who would complement Zion Williamson in the front court. Zion won’t likely ever be a long-distance shooter, so he’ll need a lot of room to attach the rim.

Zach Collins is a good fit for that position and does the grunt work on defense in the paint.
If New Orleans values spacing highly enough, they might be prepared to sign and trade some draft capital to San Antonio.
This scenario obviously depends on Zion Williamson’s health and how it might affect his future with New Orleans.

With many players on contracts that are about to expire and looking to establish themselves, the San Antonio Spurs are getting ready for a entertaining season.
A floor spacing big man like this might bring in between $15 and $20 million annually, in my opinion.
There’s a chance Zach Collins could develop into a very valuable free agent in 2024 if he can stay healthy for another season and build on his success from the previous one.


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