Lewis Hamilton walks back Andretti comments after warning F1 chiefs “won’t be happy”

Lewis Hamilton walks back Andretti comments after warning F1 chiefs “won’t be happy”

After stating that the F1 chiefs “won’t be happy,” Lewis Hamilton walks back his comments about Andretti.

Lewis Hamilton, a driver for Mercedes, clarified some of his recent remarks on Andretti prior to the Qatar Grand Prix after praising the prospect of increased competition earlier this week.

After being questioned prior to this weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has clarified his position on Andretti Global’s application to join Formula 1.

The seven-time world champion has previously voiced his support for the American team’s bid to join the grid, a stance he acknowledged “wouldn’t be happy” with for some in the sport.

This week, he said to reporters, “I think it’s great.
I believe I’ve always had the impression that there weren’t enough cars on the grid in Formula One.
Although I think it’s great, I’m sure that some people won’t appreciate my strong support for it.

“There are two more seats open, which presents an opportunity for additional employment, and one of those seats could be filled by a female driver.
It provides more opportunities, and I believe it will make the race more exciting.

The Mercedes driver, however, used the chance to clarify his remarks on Friday after making it clear on social media that he was in favor of more competition joining the grid rather than Andretti in particular.

In response to the Andretti bid, Hamilton said in Doha, Qatar, “Yeah, well first off, it wasn’t that I support Andretti.
From a driver’s perspective, I believe it’s exciting to possibly see more vehicles.
We have over 2,000 people on our team, so there would be a tremendous amount of work involved in the concept of an 11th team.

“We need to ensure that the stringent criteria are actually followed. I think we should actually change the criteria to ensure that there is a chance for real impact and that any new teams must be diverse.
They need to, perhaps, open up a door for a female driver to enter the scene.
Additionally, it must be diverse from the top down.

“Right now, the owners are all white, and there is a serious lack of diversity from the top down.
All of it is male.
It’s necessary to alter that.
I had that in mind.

After that, Hamilton endorsed F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, who will play a significant role in the choice.
Andretti now holds the lead after the FIA rejected several other bids, but it is unclear when or even if their proposal will be implemented.

I truly have complete faith in Stefano, Hamilton continued.
He and I go back a very, very long way.
No one could, in my opinion, perform at the top level what he is currently doing.
I am confident that going forward, he will choose wisely.

He is a racer who is dedicated to the development of the sport.
Leaving it in his capable hands makes me happy.


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