Mike Florio Doubles Down on Absurd Kirk Cousins Take

Mike Florio Doubles Down on Absurd Kirk Cousins Take

Continuing his absurd Kirk Cousins take, Mike Florio.

Florio never stops criticizing Cousins for taking Tuesdays off.
It’s an absurd viewpoint.

An absurd Kirk Cousins claim is repeatedly repeated by Mike Florio, a well-known Vikings supporter and prominent NFL analyst for NBC Sports’ ProFootballTalk.

To spend time with his family and escape the grind of his typical day-to-day football life, Cousins said in this summer’s Quarterback series on Netflix that he completely takes Tuesdays off. Florio believes Cousins isn’t working hard enough or exerting himself to the fullest extent possible by doing this.

Several times this season, he has said it.
He’s still talking about it, even with Patrick Mahomes, a fellow quarterback star, visiting Minneapolis this weekend.
Tuesday’s Twins playoff game that Cousins attended with his family was a topic of conversation for Florio on his show with Chris Simms, and he also wrote an article about it.

Everyone and anyone must ultimately ask themselves that question when engaging in any professional activity that involves any level of competition (and they ALL do).

Want to achieve greatness?

Do you want to be great?
If so, what are you willing to give up to achieve greatness?
Will you put in a daily effort to achieve greatness? Because others who share your aspirations are already doing these things.

Are you prepared to forgo attending a baseball game five days before facing Patrick Mahomes in a matchup that will either see your team go 1-4 or 2-3?

It’s perfectly acceptable for Cousins to take the day off.
Do you believe Mahomes or any other legendary players to have done this?

I do believe that Mahomes takes time off from football to spend time with his family.
In addition to playing football, Mahomes stars in a million commercials.

It is absolutely insane to criticize Cousins for taking his wife, two sons, and himself to a playoff baseball game on a day when he had off.
In the Netflix series, he made it clear that he believes that taking Tuesdays off has been essential for him to keep some balance in his life.
This week, he talked about what a great parent experience it was for him to be at the Twins game with his boys.

Extremely diligent cousins.
In both good and bad situations, he is known for being a strict critic of himself. He goes to extraordinary lengths to get ready as much as he can for each game throughout the season.
It’s possible that taking the day off on Tuesdays prevents him from overanalyzing situations and considering too much information when preparing.

On a Tuesday afternoon, there is nothing Cousins could do to surpass Mahomes as a quarterback.
It is undeniable that he has put in a tremendous amount of effort this week to get as ready as possible for the Chiefs defense.
And there’s nothing at all wrong with him taking advantage of his NFL-mandated Tuesday off day by spending time and creating memories with his family.


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