Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders responds to an anonymous coach who said he took the sack on purpose

Colorado’s Shedeur Sanders responds to an anonymous coach who said he took the sack on purpose

Shedeur Sanders of Colorado responds to the unnamed coach who claimed he purposefully took the sack.

In the ridiculous tale THE COLORADO BUFFALO, the quarterback of the Buffaloes has the final say.
Colorado’s pass defense hasn’t been particularly strong this year. But it wasn’t derived from improving Shedeur Sanders’ statistics.

Week after week, the Buffs quarterback continues to wow.
He has been a part of the biggest story in college football.
What transpired in Boulder has not been well received by everyone, particularly an unnamed Pac-12 assistant coach.
An anonymous source claimed in a recent article in The Athletic that intentional sacks and statistical padding were to blame for Sanders’ high completion rate.

The Pac-12 coach speculated that Shedeur’s stats would be released.
He holds onto the ball for a very long time.
He may take sacks, in my opinion, in an effort to avoid influencing the outcome.
He now plays somewhat differently from how he did at the start of the season.
Before he demonstrated that he was prepared to take charge. and proceed through the B gaps.
He is now retredging even more.

Sanders will not remain silent while this mess continues.
By way of Well Off Media, he responded, saying: “Any coach who said that is bullshit.
He’s stupid.
Justice was for God, who prefers me to his companion, he continued. Sanders ranks second in the FBS with 1,781 yards, 15 TD, and 2 INT on the season. The reasoning behind why Shedeur has the highest attempt rate and best shooting percentage among Power Five players is completely overlooked by the anonymous coach’s argument. In fact, he is the only notable QB to enter Week 6 with more than 200 carries.

On Saturday night in Tempe, Colorado will face the Arizona State Sun Devils as part of its Pac-12 schedule. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.
m. ET, which includes the Pac-12 Network.


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