Travis Kelce Will Make the Blitz-Happy Vikings Reconsider Their Defense.

Travis Kelce Will Make the Blitz-Happy Vikings Reconsider Their Defense.

Because the Kansas City Chiefs will be in town this Sunday and will bring Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Swiftie-mania with them.

Having the Chiefs on the schedule would typically fill Vikings supporters with dread given how poorly the Minnesota Vikings have performed defensively for the majority of the season.
However, unlike most seasons, the Chiefs offense is still attempting to find its rhythm, which creates an intriguing opportunity.

For Kansas City this season, players like Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, and Rashee Rice have all been inconsistent to disappointing, making the best quarterback in football appear surprisingly frail.
Consider the following if you believe I’m overstating things.

Zach Wilson beat Patrick Mahomes in primetime, which is the reality we are currently experiencing.
It has never been possible for the Chiefs under Mahomes to be in this situation, but it has happened now.
That is how disjointed compared to prior years Kansas City’s offense has been.

The Vikings defense must find a way to thwart Mahomes’ No. 1 receiver, however, because of the inadequacy of these receivers.
one weapon. the top tight end in football.
a potential future Hall of Famer.
And, second only to his date for the postgame, one of the most well-known individuals who will be in attendance on Sunday.

Travis Kelce better be ready for Brian Flores.
He is without a doubt the most crucial opponent on the field for the Vikings defense on Sunday, regardless of how tired you are of him and the media circus surrounding his love life.

Minnesota’s defense hasn’t encountered a truly exceptional tight end this year under Flores.
But there are many problems with coverage, as well. This Vikings team has depended on the blitz to survive.
However, the unfortunate reality of sending more defenders is that there will be open space over the middle of the field, where Mahomes and Kelce do their damage.

Throughout his career, Mahomes has excelled against the blitz, leading all quarterbacks with an astounding 8 point 6 yards per attempt last year.
It speaks to Mahomes’ playmaking skills and football IQ that he was able to recognize and counter the blitz.
If you give him the chance, he is so skilled at moving, recognizing, and then killing you downfield.
Against the blitz last season, Mahomes had a staggering passer rating of 111.07 points, according to PFF.
Sending too many extra defenders out of coverage against the league’s best quarterback is generally not a good idea.

You participate in stupid games and earn stupid rewards.

Brian Flores might concur with you, but let’s not keep telling him to calm down.
He might be less desperate with his pressure packages now that Minnesota’s defense finally has a full complement of pass rushers up front.
It’s a strange idea, but Marcus Davenport might be the defensive player who matters the most when it comes to covering Kelce.

One cannot understate the effect Davenport’s emergence may have on this defense.
In just one week, Davenport against the Carolina Panthers completely shut down Minnesota’s pass rush.
Finally showing signs of life, the four-man rush allowed for a variety of back-end coverage that greatly energized this defense.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, the Vikings only blitzed against the Panthers 30% of the time.
This season, the Vikings had blitzed more than 60% of the time.
That changes everything for Flores.
He has a natural ability to apply pressure, but it doesn’t always have to be the rash “Ricky Bobby” defense that I debuted last week.

In contrast, it can be a much more well-rounded defense that can switch up its strategies to keep the opposition guessing, especially when playing against a quarterback/tight end combination that is particularly adept at handling pressure.
Since Kelce definitely merits double teams, the other Chiefs receivers might not.

It will most likely be a combination of Ivan Pace Jr. Harrison Smith, Camryn Bynum, and Kelce were able to reduce their effects for the majority of the day.
Thankfully, each of the three defenders just played their best game of the season.
Bynum has proven trustworthy and efficient.
The defensive player most capable of matching Kelce’s physicality and athleticism is probably Smith.
Even though Pace, a rookie, is not the best opponent for Kelce, he has demonstrated the athleticism to rally and tackle in tight spaces and could be a part of any potential double team.

Mahomes is too talented to blitz all day.
With just one player, Kelce is too good to cover.
However, if you can create havoc and make the rest of the Chiefs offense find a way to defeat you, you might be able to keep up on Sunday.
I like Skyy Moore and Kadarius Toney’s chances a lot more if the game is about them making a play.


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