Taylor Swift Misses Chiefs-Vikings Game, Travis Kelce Sustains Apparent Ankle Injury

Taylor Swift Misses Chiefs-Vikings Game, Travis Kelce Sustains Apparent Ankle Injury

Travis Kelce sustains an apparent ankle injury, and Taylor Swift misses the Chiefs-Vikings game.

Sunday’s (Oct.
4) concert was missing Taylor Swift. 8) The Chiefs-Vikings matchup, where rumored love interest Travis Kelce was hurt. Earlier in the game, which was broadcast on CBS, on-air analyst Jim Nantz confirmed that Swift was not present at Minneapolis, Minnesota’s U.
the Bank Stadium.

For those who were curious, Nantz said, “Seven words I never thought would leave my lips in my career: Taylor Swift is not at the game.”.
It’s a first, that.
That’s something I’ve never said before.
I just noticed some people in the stands who were inconsolable.

Regarding their rumored relationship, Travis Kelce says, “You’ve got a lot of people who care about Taylor, and for Good Reason.”.

A Swift fan holding up a sign and clinging to the hope that she will show up was in the foreground as the camera panned over her.
A picture from Getty Images, shown below, depicts another fan holding up a clever sign, noting that 87 (Kelce’s number) and 13 (Swift’s lucky number) equals 100%. Her sign asked what many were thinking: “Where’s Taylor.”.
It read, “Kelce make a TD.”.

In advance of a Kansas City Chiefs vs.
Minnesota Vikings game at U, a fan holds up a sign honoring Taylor Swift.
In October, Bank Stadium. 8, 2023, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Others in the crowd were seen sporting jerseys with the word “SWIFTIE” on the back.

The tight end appeared to trip on the field’s turf and suffered a non-contact injury, but Swift was not present to support Kelce in person as she had for the previous two Chiefs games.
As Kelce left the field and made his way to the locker room, he was seen taking off his helmet.

A right ankle that was tightly wrapped, Kelce made his way back to the sidelines.

“Travis Kelce is still on the sidelines right now, but as you can see, helmet on, that right foot is wrapped,” said commentator Tracy Wolfson.
He’s going to try it out, that much I recently learned.
It’s up to him, they say.
Guys, he wants to take part in this game.

According to reports, Kelce sustained what is thought to be a high ankle sprain.
According to reports, Kelce was given the all-clear by medical personnel to come back if he so desired. He eventually returned to the game, and shortly after that, he scored a touchdown.

The announcer said, “Kelce comes off the X-ray table and finds the endzone.”.

Check out what happened to Kelce at the Chiefs-Vikings game below.
Additionally, scroll through a number of Swift/football fan responses to Kelce’s injury and the singer’s absence from Sunday’s game.


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