Deion Sanders doesn’t hold back after Colorado win – “I’m sick of it”

Deion Sanders doesn’t hold back after Colorado win – “I’m sick of it”

After Colorado’s victory, Deion Sanders expresses his frustration bluntly: “I’m sick of it.”.

Deion Sanders criticized his Colorado Buffaloes team after they defeated Arizona State on Saturday, 27-24, to improve to 4-2 on the season.

Despite leading his team to victory over Arizona State, Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders was critical of his squad.

On Saturday night in Week 6 of the NCAA college football season, the Buffaloes defeated ASU 27–24.
With the victory, Colorado improved to 4-2 on the season and snapped a two-game losing streak.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback, put on a commanding performance, completing one touchdown pass while throwing zero interceptions for a total of 239 yards.
The head coach of Colorado, however, insists that despite the victory, he was not at all pleased with how the team played as a whole.

Colorado was down 17-14 at the start of the fourth quarter and had the same deficit at the half after neither team managed to score in the third.
With only 12 seconds left on the clock, Alejandro Mata kicked a field goal to give the Buffaloes the victory.

Sanders gave a straightforward evaluation of how his team fared against ASU.
In a protracted speech at the beginning of his press conference, the two-time Super Bowl champion and NFL Hall of Famer criticized his team’s performance and stated why he is “sick of it.”.

“Excellent victory.
Sanders said during the postgame press conference, “We played like hot garbage.
“We must determine the answer.

“I’m over it. I am, in fact.
I’m trying to figure this out based on our presence here in the fourth [quarter], the effort we made in the first half, through practices, and the intense meetings we had.

“I’m working to understand this.
because I’m tired of it.
My apologies.
Having won, I’m pleased. We won in fashion, which I don’t like.

We’re more capable than that.
The time has come for us to start demonstrating that we are indeed better than that.
I believe I will succeed.
Furthermore, I anticipate winning in a more impressive manner.

“I’m tired of the penalties and the persistent holes that we keep showing.
We’ve improved significantly.

“Please accept my apologies for my anger today, but I don’t put up with mediocrity.
Maybe you do; perhaps you sleep with it; perhaps you are at ease with it, but I’m not.

Next up for Colorado is a home game against Stanford on October 17 at Folsom Field in Week 7. 13.
The team will then take a week off before returning to the field in Week 9 on October.
Against UCLA, 27.


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