‘I Think The Steelers Have Lamar’s Number’: Ben Roethlisberger Says Ravens’ Jackson Looks Like A Different Player When Playing Pittsburgh

‘I Think The Steelers Have Lamar’s Number’: Ben Roethlisberger Says Ravens’ Jackson Looks Like A Different Player When Playing Pittsburgh

When facing Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger claims that the Steelers “have Lamar’s number” and that Lamar Jackson of the Ravens “looks like a different player.”.

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, has a stellar 48-18 record as a starter since joining the NFL.
He had a 7-5 record in 2021, which included several defeats in contests in which he was injured and was unable to complete.

However, it just goes to another level when you’re playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
a lower rung. Jackson has only suffered multiple losses to four different teams.
He is currently 1-3 against both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the only teams to which he has now lost three times. He is 7-2 against the Cleveland Browns and 1-2 against the Miami Dolphins.

In reference to Pittsburgh’s most recent victory over Jackson and the Ravens, former Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said on his Footbahlin podcast, which was released yesterday, “I feel like the Steelers have Lamar’s number, because it seems like every time they play him it’s just…”.

Jackson completed 22 of his 38 attempts for 236 yards, but he also threw one interception and no touchdowns in the end zone during the game.
However, there are some limitations to all of that, which we’ll discuss after we look at his overall stats against Pittsburgh.

He has made 78 of 132 passes for 858 yards with four touchdowns and seven interceptions in his four starts.
Though interestingly, he has never scored with his legs against Pittsburgh despite having 245 rushing yards on 44 attempts.

His lone victory as a starter came in an overtime triumph in 2019.
For 14 games during that season, Roethlisberger missed action due to an elbow injury.
Mason Rudolph, the starting quarterback, suffered a concussion in the second half and had to finish the game as a rookie college free agent named Devlin Hodges.

In reference to the defense’s performance against Jackson on Sunday, Roethlisberger said, “The defense is going to carry this team because they are so good,” but he also made the observation that when he plays the Steelers, Jackson merely appears to be another player.

“He started throwing after running. He had some really good throws today, but he also had some really poor ones, the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback said, pointing out that his equipment didn’t help him either.
In this rivalry, in this game, where a game is always so close, there were balls that were dropped, and you can’t have it. You cannot afford to let those go.

Furthermore, the Ravens lost a lot of them.
As well as one in the end zone by Rashod Bateman.
Even though he didn’t appear to be ready for the throw, Mark Andrews also had a “drop” in the end zone.
Multiple opportunities went unseized by Zay Flowers, including a late-game deep shot on which he lost his balance and collapsed.

You could say that the Steelers have had Jackson’s number so far in his career due to a 1-3 record, but that isn’t entirely accurate.
When Steelers supporters act as though he can’t beat them, I still believe they are delusional. By all accounts, he ought to have won on Sunday if his team hadn’t sabotaged itself.


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