Vikings QB Kirk Cousins on no-trade clause.

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins on no-trade clause.

Kirk Cousins of the Vikings said, “I’m just very focused on the Bears,” when asked about the no-trade clause.

Kirk Cousins of the Vikings discusses his no-trade agreement.

With the team at 1-4 and the trade deadline coming up at the end of October, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was questioned about his no-trade clause on Wednesday.

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Kirk Cousins’ future in Minnesota is once again a subject of discussion as the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings prepare to play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field this week in their first NFC North Division game.

With the Vikings in a slump and unlikely to qualify for the NFC Playoffs after dropping four of their first five games, several national reporters have speculated about the possibility of trading Cousins.
The full no-trade clause in Cousins’ current contract means that if the Vikings wanted to trade him, he would have to consent to do so.

At the TCO Performance Center on Wednesday, he was questioned specifically on that subject.

Whatever else is going on simply isn’t worth my time, energy, or attention, Cousins said.
“I’m just very focused on the Bears and going 1-0 this week,” he added.

That’s not a firm “no,” which is instructive.
“At the end of October is the NFL trade deadline.

The last year of Cousins’ current contract will expire in March of next year, at which point he will be a free agent.
He will get paid by someone if not the Vikings.
With 1,498 passing yards and a league-best 13 touchdowns, Cousins is currently second in the NFL.

More than 22,000 yards, 166 touchdown passes, and 54 interceptions were completed by Cousins in 85 games for the Vikings.
He has only one playoff victory in more than five seasons with Minnesota, though.

It’s important to keep an eye on the situation because Justin Jefferson won’t be playing in the Bears, 49ers, Packers, or Falcons’ next four games.


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