British driver wants to take Michael Schumacher’s world championship

British driver wants to take Michael Schumacher’s world championship

The British driver wants to win the world championship from Michael Schumacher.

The British driver wants to win Michael Schumacher’s world championship.

Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 Formula 1 world championship is being attempted to be legally revoked by Felipe Massa.

After renowned Formula 1 journalist Peter Benoit suggested that Hill should receive the 1994 Drivers’ Championship instead of Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill has amusingly requested Felipe Massa’s phone number.

The Australian Grand Prix, which hosted the season finale that year, won the championship in 1994.

While Hill was still in the race, Schumacher headed the championship going into the weekend.

As Hill attempted to go down Hill’s inside, Schumacher turned in on him, making the championship race one of the most contentious in the sport’s history.

The German driver’s retirement had already been predicted, and it was confirmed when, on Lap 36, he crashed into the barrier after colliding with Hill that Schumacher’s car was already damaged.

Due to severe damage, Hill also had to retire from the race.
As a result, Schumacher, who was competing for Benetton at the time, was awarded the championship.

Hill deserved to win the 1994 title, and Benoit recently expressed this in an interview.

“He definitely belongs in the top five, having won the world championship six times.
Naturally, I am aware that he won the title seven times, but the 1994 triumph should be revoked since Damon Hill’s foul gave him the advantage.

Intriguingly, Hill has just learned Benoit’s interpretation of the infamous 1994 finale, leading to him requesting Massa’s phone number.

The 2008 championship results are the subject of the Brazilian’s ongoing legal action against Formula One and the FIA because he feels he should have won it instead of Lewis Hamilton.

This is due to the fact that former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone admitted to being aware of “Crashgate” when it occurred in Singapore during that season but choosing to remain silent.

Massa would have been the World Champion if the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix results hadn’t been taken into account.

With Hill having seen the humor in it, it is unclear how much success Massa will have with his legal action.

The discovery of this surprised me a little. Hill jokingly questioned on Twitter/X, “Does anyone have Massa’s phone number?


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