Following the release of a statement by team owner Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin F1 will change its name.

Following the release of a statement by team owner Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin F1 will change its name.

After “deepening” its relationship with a main sponsor, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team is about to get a new name, perhaps one that is a little shorter.

The team’s official name at the moment is particularly long because of sponsorship.
The Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team, which represents two of its biggest financial partners, is the name under which it is entered into the world championship.

But one of them is about to fall.
Despite a recent announcement that the two parties’ collaboration had been extended, Cognizant will no longer serve as the team’s title sponsor beginning in 2019.

That is due to “phase two” of that arrangement about to start, according to a spokesperson for Aston Martin.
“Cognizant was our first title partner, and they worked with Aston Martin to build their brand’s reputation,” they claimed.

With 300,000 employees and a $35 billion (£28 point 6 million) market cap, Cognizant wasn’t well-known three years ago. Through the first stage of their partnership with us, they were able to accomplish that goal; as a result, many more people are aware of Cognizant and what they do.

“This was always intended to be phase two of that relationship – after achieving global brand awareness, they are deepening their partnership with us, they are applying their digital transformation to our business – both on and off the racetrack – and we are now building a deeper, broader relationship with them.

The new official team name will be announced in “early 2024,” but there is currently no indication of what it might be.
If the team decides that another headline partnership is not necessary, it is likely that Saudi oil company Aramco will continue to serve as the team’s title sponsor and serve as the only brand that appears alongside Aston Martin.

Since the team’s name changed to Aston Martin from Racing Point prior to the 2021 season, American IT company Cognizant, based in New Jersey, has partnered with the organization.
The team’s multibillionaire owner, Lawrence Stroll, issued a statement praising the relationship’s progress.

He claimed that “Cognizant was Aston Martin’s first F1 title partner.”.
“They completely understood how a high-profile sports marketing partnership could increase their international profile, and the first phase of our relationship has succeeded spectacularly in raising their global brand awareness.

“As we move into this next stage of our relationship, we’ll strengthen it because we share the same values and goals and collaborate in a truly exceptional and creative way.
Working with Cognizant has shown us that they can effectively use their knowledge of data, analytics, and machine learning to significantly advance our efforts as a design team to create a faster racing car and transform our company into a leaner, more effective one.


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